Experts told which birds winter in Moscow

At different times, about 250 bird species can be observed in the capital. This is fraught with the fact that animals may refuse natural food altogether. Muscovites were told which birds remain for the winter in the city, Moscow 24 reports. Истoчник Most often, birds do not need feeding, Mospriroda experts remind. Earlier, compiled detailed instructions on what products are best to feed certain birds and how to do it better. In winter, they prefer to gather in flocks. Feeding birds should be started only in severe frosts. More than half of them fly away to warmer regions when cold weather sets in. They live in non-freezing water bodies. About 90 species of birds remain for the winter, including the great tit, field and house sparrows, siskins, jays, magpies, rock doves, woodpeckers and others. It is noted that some species of waterfowl, such as the mallard, do not fly away. Gaining food unnecessarily can weaken instincts and make birds dependent on humans.