Experts voiced two scenarios in the event of Russia’s disconnection from SWIFT

Topnews wrote about this earlier. Dmitry Polevoy, Investment Director of LockoInvest, also estimated the likelihood of disconnection from SWIFT as unlikely. Accordingly, Olga Belenkaya, head of the macroeconomic analysis department of FG Finam, explained that transaction costs will also affect the price of goods for the end consumer. Russia is threatened with disconnection from the international payment system SWIFT, if the relevant law is adopted and approved in the White House, as well as coordinated by the United States with partners in the European Union. Experts also spoke about the likelihood of Russia disconnecting from SWIFT. Join our VK group to keep abreast of events in Russia and the world Истoчник However, it is still underdeveloped and therefore banks may have to make payments bilaterally. Meanwhile, international financial consultant FCP Financial Management Ltd Isaac Becker expressed doubt that Russia will be turned off from the SWIFT system and this issue will be resolved in the negotiations between Putin and Biden. According to him, both sides will come to the conclusion that such a solution will not benefit either side and will agree on a temporary compromise. This method will be more costly and more time-consuming for the bank's customers, both importers and exporters. < p> In the Kremlin, the CNN statement was called & # 8220; information hysteria & # 8221;, but the expert, in turn, voiced two scenarios for the development of events in the event of Russia's disconnection from SWIFT It is noted that naturally in such In the event, Russian banks will switch to the domestic analogue of the SPFS (Financial Messaging System).