Fedor Ladygin: “The USA is considering a preemptive nuclear strike against the Russian Federation”

on foreign policy issues. But he never had a chance to fly & mdash; Senior Lieutenant Ladygin was assigned to the strategic missile forces of the Ural Military District. on all continents and sea areas. Awarded with the Order of Merit for the Fatherland; IV degree, Red Star, “ For service in the Armed Forces of the USSR '' II and III degrees, many medals. At the same time, in the plans of the United States, the term “ retaliatory nuclear strike '' not provided: it is simply rejected by American military doctrine. In 1987, a document called the National Security Strategy appeared in the United States. & Nbsp; After resigning from the GRU Fedor Ladygin served as vice-president of the Union of Veterans of Military Intelligence, worked in public organizations. At first, they wanted to shoot him along with the whole family as the son of a partisan, and later the train with the evacuees, in which Fyodor was, came under bombardment. And all this requires the responsible leadership of the Russian Federation to think not about whether to love or not love America, but about ensuring the guaranteed security of their people, their country, about preventing any aggression against Russia, no matter who it comes from. About the role of the United States in international crises During the Cold War and the confrontation with the USSR, the Americans showed, if not restraint, then a certain caution, at least in relation to states friendly to us. In March 2014, in connection with the threat to the life of the Crimean population and possible provocations against the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, which actually arose after the coup d'etat in Kiev, President Putin asked the Federation Council to provide him, as Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the opportunity to temporarily introduce a contingent of Russian troops to foreign territory. & mdash; determines the foreign policy of the United States, he is only a conductor of the foreign policy of Washington, formed by the ruling elite of the American establishment. '' And in 1992 he became the head of the GRU. And to “ protect '', or rather, to advance these interests, Washington gave itself the sole right to use the entire set of means of influencing other countries, including “ unsurpassed military power. … Fedor Ladygin was born on March 10, 1937 in the Belgorod region. As he later recalled, it took almost 20 years to become an officer of the GRU and 20 years to lead him. And then there were aggression against Grenada (1983), Panama (1989), Yugoslavia (1999), Iraq (2003), Libya (an air strike in 1986 and a large-scale operation in 2011) & mdash ; Far from being a complete list of unprovoked US wars and military actions over the past 30 years alone. Already there, in 1973, he received an offer to move to the GRU, which he accepted, as he said, “ not without hesitation. American researchers, for 38 years, participated in 215 international crises, including the wars in Korea and Vietnam. The Colonel General will be buried at the Federal Military Memorial Cemetery in Mytishchi near Moscow. I would pay attention to this. In other words, the entire population of the Earth today lives in the territories of the vital interests of the United States, in order to “ protect '' which at any time has already been allocated a specific composition of the US armed forces. He was proud that during the years of his leadership there were no deserters, and was intolerant of traitors, for whom he considered complete oblivion as the main punishment. About this period of time, which fell on a difficult “ post-perestroika period '' he recalled that he saw his task to create an organically unified military intelligence system, to link its strategic, operational, military, radio-electronic, space directions. The latest version of the US National Security Strategy confirms the inviolability of the aggressive, inherently hegemonic foreign policy of the States and its preservation in the future. A patriot of his country, he was convinced that the GRU should be at the forefront of preventing war and the key to the success of his work is the strictest observance of the laws of his state and daily disinterested devotion, selfless service to the people. For several years, he gave exclusive comments to AIF. Истoчник aif.ru It is prepared by the National Security Council, approved by the President and, together with the draft federal budget, is presented to Congress in secret and not secret versions. Even Antarctica with its penguins fell into one of the areas of responsibility of the Americans. Obviously not the president & mdash; be it Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc. Head of the GRU of the General Staff of the Russian Federation from 1992 to 1997, Colonel General Fedor Ladygin died after a long illness. Ladygin headed the GRU until 1997. '' As a result, the United States, as applied to the whole world, maintains its armed forces, which are constantly on high alert, as part of the so-called Joint Commands (JC), created, deployed and prepared to carry out tasks in future theaters of war, which are “ chopped up '' in advance. Even a retaliatory strike is considered undesirable for the United States. These terrible pictures of wartime childhood determined the fate of Ladygin & mdash; he decided to become a military pilot. Over 90% of the US military machine is not intended to protect its own territory and population, not to ensure their security, but exclusively for conducting military operations on the territory of any other country in the world with a regime unwanted by Washington. About the current “ zones of responsibility '' USA Immediately after the end of World War II, the United States declared the whole world a zone of the so-called vital US interests. As for the “ intellectual leadership '', and with it international morality & mdash; correlate them with the concept of 'modern civilization' very problematic. USA, according to data published in the early 1980s. He believed that in relations with the United States, it was important for the leadership of the Russian Federation to guarantee the safety of their people and prevent any manifestations of aggression, which are quite real taking into account the hegemonic doctrines of a “ strategic partner from overseas. About a potential theater of military operations All states of the world are in the zones of responsibility of the OK of the US Armed Forces, that is, all foreign states for Washington are not subjects of international law, but potential objects of military force. About nuclear war & nbsp; In conclusion, I would like to note that in the course of planning a nuclear war against Russia & mdash; and there is no special secret & mdash; The American leadership regards a preemptive, preemptive strike as the main form of using its strategic offensive forces. '' Here are some of his theses, which have not lost their relevance to this day: On international “ morality '' USA The United States was the most economically and technologically advanced country, albeit taking into account the fact that China is stepping on its heels more and more actively. Now they are this “ shyness '' in relation to other countries, excluding the Russian Federation and China as major nuclear powers, they dropped it. First I entered the Kharkiv Air Force School, and then & mdash; as an excellent student, he received a referral to the Zhukovsky Air Force Academy. Moreover, during this period, the Democrats were in power in the White House for 20 years and 18 & mdash; Republicans. Under different presidents, some of its provisions are being revised, adapting to new realities, but one thing has been and remains unchanged for all versions of the strategy – & mdash; the primacy of the vital interests of the United States in the entire foreign and military policy of the country. As a child, he survived the occupation, miraculously escaped death twice. But the President of the United States does not need this: he is given the right after some “ consultations '' with members of Congress to use their armed forces against any state and only then notify Congress.