Foreign Ministry named two ways for the West in the field of security guarantees

Moscow proposed to Washington, in particular, to exclude further NATO expansion eastward, not to admit the countries that were part of the USSR into the alliance, and to abandon military activities in Ukraine and neighboring countries. MFA: The West can seriously take Russia's projects or deal with a military alternative According to Deputy Foreign Minister Grushko, the West must seriously accept Russian proposals on security or be ready for a “military-technical alternative” The Western countries have two options for action on Russia's proposals in the field of security, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko on the air of Soloviev LIVE. After that, officials of some Western countries began to make such statements. The Kremlin has declared its readiness for a meeting “ in any neutral country. “ I think that & lt; … & gt; they must understand that they have two paths. They accused Russia of building up troops near the Ukrainian border and announced the threat of an attack. At talks with his American counterpart Joe Biden on December 7, Putin urged not to shift responsibility for the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border to Moscow, because “ it is NATO that is making dangerous attempts to conquer Ukrainian territory and building up its military potential '' at the borders of Russia. In October-November, several Western media outlets published materials about the allegedly impending Russian invasion of Ukraine. '' On December 15, the Russian side handed over to US Assistant Secretary of State Karen Donfried draft agreements on security guarantees and an agreement on security measures for Russia and NATO countries. Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO will not compromise on Ukraine's accession. The first & mdash; it is to take seriously what we put on the table, or, here, to deal with a military-technical alternative, '', & mdash; the diplomat emphasized. On December 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed starting negotiations on guarantees of NATO's eastward expansion. Subscribe to RBC's Twitter Get the news faster than anyone Истoчник Moscow has repeatedly denied this information. After that, Biden proposed to hold a meeting with the participation of representatives of Russia and the countries of the alliance.