Former Prime Minister of Ukraine said Kiev “slept through the situation with gas”

And in fact & mdash; Russia & raquo;, & mdash; explained Groisman. Subscribe to VK RBC Get news faster than anyone Истoчник “ There is a centralization of monetary resources. Head of the company “ Ukrainian GTS Operator '' Sergei Makogon emphasized that there are free transit capacities in Ukraine. But due to the inability to predict, the authorities overslept the gas issues and the situation with coal. This gave us into the hands of Belarus. At the same time, he noted that coal reserves in the country had dropped to a critical level. By doing this, they gave Ukraine “into the hands of Russia,” he believes The current administration of Ukraine contributed to the emergence of an energy crisis in the country due to its inability to forecast, believes the former Prime Minister of the country, leader of the Ukrainian Strategy party; Vladimir Groisman. Local budgets will be deprived. '' According to him, the population of Ukraine” was captured by an unprofessional and irresponsible government that imitates activities. According to the Russian company, the volume of gas remaining there has decreased almost to the level of the start of injection this year. At the same time, Gazprom reported that Ukraine has selected from the storage facilities almost all of the gas pumped in in preparation for the winter. In Ukraine, they believe that Gazprom blackmails Europe by the fact that it does not increase gas transit through the Ukrainian territory, even in spite of the record rise in fuel prices. He stated this in an interview with Strana magazine. “ There are two options & mdash; either complete incompetence, or [Kiev] deliberately undermines the foundations of energy security, & mdash; he commented. When asked by a journalist why this happened, the ex-prime minister said that this could have been done, in his opinion, only deliberately. “ In mid-December, the head of Naftogaz Yuriy Vitrenko stated that there is enough gas in the underground Ukrainian storage facilities for the winter heating season. Volodymyr Groisman accused Kiev of provoking an energy crisis in Ukraine Former Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman believes that the current administration of Ukraine had the opportunity to buy cheap gas, but the authorities “slept through” them. Naftogaz filed a complaint against Gazprom with the European Commission, in which he stated that the reduction in supplies by the Russian company and restriction of competition on its part were the key reasons for the energy crisis in Europe. There was money and time to buy cheap gas. About a third of the gas injected in the summer has been selected from European storage facilities, the company noted. This is the question of our independence. In particular, energy carriers. & mdash; The price for the country will be too high.