Former US Secretary of Defense Esper filed a lawsuit against the Pentagon

Photo: Former US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has filed a lawsuit in federal court for the Metropolitan District of Columbia over a ban on the publication of a significant part of his memoirs, in which he tells about his work in the administration of President Donald Trump. In the suit, Esper accuses the current US administration of infringing on” constitutional rights protected by the first amendment “on freedom of speech. It is clarified that in May the ex-minister, dismissed by Trump after his defeat in the presidential election, wants to publish a book called The Sacred Oath. Истoчник In his memoirs, Esper tells about “the complete history of our nation, in its difficult periods.” “Under the pretext of secrecy, the Pentagon removes a significant portion of the text from publication, despite the fact that it is necessary for telling important stories that are affected me in my memoirs, “the publication quotes the ex-minister. This was reported by the New York Times.