German Foreign Minister announced a consensus with the Chancellor on Nord Stream 2

Subscribe to RBC's Instagram Get news faster than anyone Истoчник role in the further assessment process & raquo;, & mdash; she added. Russian authorities have repeatedly denied reports about the planned “ ; intrusion & raquo; to Ukraine and emphasized that Nord Stream 2 exclusively economic project. When considering the launch of Nord Stream 2, energy security will be taken into account, she emphasized Annalena Berbock German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock said in an interview with Die Zeit that she and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have reached a common position on the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Scholz previously urged not to link Nord Stream 2 with the situation in Ukraine. legislation. Despite different points of view in the past, Berbock said, both she and the Chancellor “ made it clear '' that the certification process for the project should be based on European legislation. “ The issue of energy security will also play a role. The German Foreign Minister stressed that “ energy cannot be used as a weapon to destabilize Europe. '' According to Berbock, the previous government of the Federal Republic of Germany agreed with the US authorities that in the event of an escalation by Russia towards Ukraine, “ the question arises of whether Nord Stream 2 could be. A day earlier, Bloomberg, also referring to sources, wrote that Washington is trying to get Berlin to commit itself to abandon the gas pipeline in the event of Russian aggression against Ukraine. On December 11, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published an article by columnist Johannes Leuthoser, which stated that Berbock was in a quandary over his position on Nord Stream 2. Later, the agency, citing the German regulator, reported that no decision was expected until July 2022. “As a representative of the coalition, she had to agree that the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany, won the elections. The gas pipeline was completed in September. '' be put into operation '. As Bloomberg wrote, Germany is obliged to announce the decision by January 8, 2022, then the European Commission will consider it within two months, it can extend the procedure until May 8, 2022. On December 8, Reuters, citing a source in the American Congress, reported that the US and German authorities had reached an agreement according to which in the event of an “ invasion '' Russia to Ukraine Germany will close the gas pipeline. “ On this issue, a decision is made without politicization by one of the institutions in Germany, '' & mdash; he emphasized. The project is already ready for launch, but for this it must be approved by the German and European regulators. On December 12, in an interview with ZDF, the German Foreign Minister stated that she is against the commissioning of the gas pipeline, since, according to her, it does not yet comply with the European energy standards. The German Foreign Minister announced that she had reached a consensus with Chancellor Scholz on Nord Stream 2 The German authorities came to a common position on the Russian gas pipeline, Annalena Berbock said. & mdash; RBK) would not be ready to abandon the pipeline, the construction of which had already been completed,” & mdash; he noted. The author recalled that Berbock opposed the pipeline, as a representative of the opposition from the Greens. Shortly thereafter, the chairman of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee, Norbert Röttgen, called on Berbock to “ take a clear position '' on this issue.