Germany launches investigation against foreign minister who met with Lavrov

In May 2021, when Burbock was a candidate for the post of German Chancellor, she admitted that she did not initially declare the so-called party Christmas bonuses from 2018 to 2020 (more than €25 thousand). In total, six people appear in the case: in addition to Burbock and Habek, these are other party members Rikarda Lang, Jamila Schaefer, Michael Kellner and Mark Urbach. Germany launches investigation against Foreign Minister Burbock and Economics Minister Habek “aligncenter” src=”” alt=”The Federal Republic of Germany launched an investigation against the Foreign Minister who met with Lavrov” /> Annalena Burbock The Berlin Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation into the leadership of the German Green Party, including its co-chairmen— Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock and Vice Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Economics Minister Robert Habek, Spiegel reports. According to Spiegel, this happened in December. Therefore, before starting an investigation, the prosecutor's office notified the chairman of the Bundestag, Berbel Bas, about this. On January 17, Burbock paid a visit to Ukraine, and the next day she met in Moscow with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. This information was confirmed to the AFP agency by the representative of the prosecutor's office, Martin Steltner. Following the talks, she stated that Moscow and Berlin have a “chubby folder”; disagreements, at the same time Germany is interested in stable relations with Russia. According to Steltner, the investigation was initiated after several complaints from “individuals” who referred to media reports from the past year. She did not report the payment to the speaker of the Bundestag, which she should have done , but later corrected it. According to the prosecutor's office, in 2020 representatives of the Greens' presidium illegally appointed themselves and received payments in the amount of €1.5 thousand each. All the accused, with the exception of the last — members of the Bundestag, they enjoy political immunity. Subscribe to FB RBC Get news faster than anyone else Истoчник Lavrov called the negotiations with Burbock useful. According to Spiegel, they were suspected of abuse in the payment of bonuses related to the coronavirus.