Gojira – The Way Of All Flesh Lyrics

Is it this blood and heartbeat that you call life
Every effort to ignore it is unavailing, we all have to die
Is it too late to dull the edges of the pain, I have to try
This is an other dimension, you can scatter ashes to the winds
And even buried in the ground I’m still there
Do not be afraid, you are dying and the four great elements
Of your body are collapsing one into the other
It feels as if you are being crushed by mountains
The light of this world has faded completely
But the light of the next world have not yet appeared
Your breath is now still, no warmth to your skin
Do not be afraid, there’s no way that you can stay here
You are leaving this world, all lights are fading away now
Leave behind loved ones and all you know
Do not be afraid and let yourself go GOJIRAThe Way Of All Flesh Lyrics
Anything that has a shape will crumble away, disappear
We belong to the circle life of all creation
We crawl, deny ourselves, refuse this evidence
That we project our greatest fears on death and forget our power
I want to live my life in close touch with the sacred
Pacify disturbances of the mind, I face my own death
Lower and lower is the pressure
I can feel the parts of me collapsing one into the other
Higher state of consciousness awaken
I can see the light of this next world leading my soul reborn
I find it hard to believe that this picture on the wall is everything
I do understand all the prayers, life is so sharp, hurts so bad
What does it mean to be dying, what if you take the guts and brain away?