Guide To Bizarre Behavior – Aura Of Diamonds lyrics

Do your paintings twinkle like Thomas Kinkade’s? Jealous fury, open your wallet,
Forget about the forecast, this is the new snow! Outrageous claims by certified doctors
Calculated deals worth millions of dollars. Laboratory raindrop dazzle,
Polar vortex, the aura of diamonds! Lonely recluse went down swingin’,
Mickey Rooney died flat broke. Who’s on the runner-up death list? I don’t see my name yet
Send us the money, we’ll send you the cure
Whatever ails you, this’ll work for sure
Pick up a paper, pick up a pen
There are those who’ve forgotten and those who haven’t
They’re all evil swindling men
Cheating justice, eating liquid collagen
Becoming negative ten greedy creeps guaranteed! Do you think you’d like to be a part of it? Constantly scrutinized,
Money to burn, state of the art
Designer drugs! Mortified starlets despise the divinity,
Bitter battle over a corpse. Three scarce coins you could own em’
Heartbreak, horror, miracle jokes! Farewell Globe readers, we aren’t your friends
Sittin’ by the fake fire heater, I subscribed to the trend. Maybe for a day?