Gunzburg: No side effects found for COVID-19 nasal vaccine

Plot of a novel coronavirus pandemic that spread from China Director of the Center. According to him, the vaccine can be dangerous for allergy sufferers in the stage of exacerbation of the disease. Истoчник Recall that in October, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation allowed clinical trials of a nasal vaccine against COVID-19, created by the center Gamalei. Details & ndash; & nbsp; in the material The effectiveness will need to be checked & raquo ;, & mdash; he said. According to Gunzburg, you need to be vaccinated with this drug no more than once every six months. Gamalei Alexander Gunzburg said that no side effects were recorded after the use of a nasal vaccine against a new coronavirus infection, reports TASS. “ So far, we have not seen any side effects in the nasal vaccine.