How did the British try to save Nicholas II?

03. When will the modernization of public transport reach cities and villages? Either a bus, or a vision. 19/01/2022 Is it true that British intelligence planned to take Nicholas II out of Russia? Истoчник However, it was impossible to take out the whole family of Nicholas II with the help of this trick, and he refused to run alone. Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. According to the BBC, there is information in declassified documents of the special services that they began to discuss the evacuation of Nicholas II almost immediately after his abdication on March 2, 1917. But on the night of July 17, the family of the last emperor was shot by the Bolsheviks. British intelligence developed several options: replacing the tsar, invading Russia and attracting Norwegians who were in ­Siberia. London's attention to the Romanovs can be explained kinship of the British monarch George V with Nicholas II. According to the first scenario, the servant had to shave off the ex-emperor's beard, exchange clothes with him, and attach a false beard to himself. Another plan was proposed by the head of the British Secret Service after the royal family was sent to Tobolsk. And on May 28, 1918, the possibility of negotiations on their evacuation was discussed with Leo Trotsky.