How long did Ivan the Terrible live with Marfa Vasilievna?

< i> Expert answer + – – Indeed, Marfa Vasilievna, nee Sobakina, was in the status of the wife of Tsar Ivan IVonly 15 days, – tells candidate of historical sciences Sergey Kormilitsyn. When will the modernization of public transport reach cities and villages? Either a bus, or a vision. This was the third marriage of the king, and according to church rules, it was supposed to be the last – the fourth was allowed only if the young did not have time to know physical intimacy. The royal wedding took place on October 28, 1571, and on November 13 Marfa Vasilievna died. 03. 19/01/2022 Is it true that Marfa Vasilievna, who is given so much attention in the film “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession”, was the wife of Ivan the Terrible for only 2 weeks? It is not even clear whether she was the wife of Ivan the Terrible in physiological terms. Истoчник Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. – This allows you to accurately date the time at which the manager of the Bunsch house and the apartment thief Georges Miloslavsky fell. This is exactly what Ivan insisted on when he asked to be allowed to enter into a fourth marriage, since Martha was poisoned: “The devil raised up the neighbors of many people to be at enmity with our queen, still in maidenhood” hellip; and taco poison her with an evil chinisha.