How long will the Donbass last during the aggression of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the ex-militia Hindu estimated the strength

And then the Russian troops entered and quickly forced the aggressor to peace. Or else, as an option, they will try to cut off Donetsk with blows and surround it. The first blows, perhaps, will be able to break through the front line somewhere, but our flank ones will go further. I have seen the war and I know what it is, so I really hope that world leaders will be able to agree on a peaceful settlement of the conflict. It’s one thing if they, like near Telmanovo, point-wise try to occupy some part, and another thing if they start a massive attack on Gorlovka, Donetsk or, say, on the southern border. Our President Vladimir Putin said that we will not allow Russians to be offended in Donbass and we will not allow genocide. – I think Russia will respond based on the situation and the provocative actions of the enemy. Any Russian step, from exercises to the movement of our troops inside the country, causes a fit of hysteria. They are all assigned to certain regiments, they know their schedule and military specialties. – We also have enough strength to hold back the first onslaught of the enemy. Donbass will stand to the end. Photo: From the personal archive “MK” asked a combatant in the Donbass an officer in the reserve of the People's Militia of the Donetsk People's Republic with the call sign “Indus”, to talk about the combat readiness in the ranks of the armed formations of Novorossia. The enemy has been well studied by us for so many years, all his maneuvers and moves are on our eyes. By and large, such strikes with the help of modern high-precision weapons can also be delivered from the territory of Russia. And yes, we have nowhere to go. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has its own special forces, the guys there, as a rule, are all also with combat experience. They are no strangers to combat and hardship. I do not believe in a large-scale offensive with tanks. Our plus is that we are in the opposition fortified defense. Their main goal and task is clear: to draw Russia into the war. Right now, the planes of the Southern Military District are conducting missile launches in the Kuban, in the Crimea and in Rostov-on-Don. But they still come to the training camp now, they know and know how to hold weapons in their hands. It is unlikely that they will succeed. The territory of the republics is not very large, so the transfer of reinforcements will not take much time. During this time, units of reservists will gather on combat alert. Of course, drones can bring us trouble, but, by and large, we more or less hold the sky. One launch of reactive “Grads” in the residential areas of Gorlovka is enough to provoke our response. Then the whole world saw the true picture of what was happening. And that means war. And Ukrainians, as practice shows, generally have a favorite method – to climb into the “cauldron”. Therefore, air supremacy will be won in the very first hours. It can operate from the territory of Crimea, from the Black Sea area, from the Kuban. As we know, Ukrainians are the kind of people who will not fight head-on, in the field, army against army. In some areas there are three, and somewhere four lines of defense. In one direction 50 kilometers, in the other – one hundred and fifty. Same here. The Southern Military District has new Russian Iskander missile systems, new units of K-52 combat helicopters, and new aircraft. They then recaptured their homes and went on to engage in peaceful professions – some to the mine, some to where. They know their places according to the combat schedule. If in 2014-2015, when few people believed that we could hold out or cope with the regular Ukrainian army, we succeeded, now even more so. We control everything, we see, we observe. Well, that means that now there will also be a Donetsk cauldron. Many guys have mining experience behind them, so many shelters are hidden underground, both communication lines and moves are dug in, all weapons are adjusted. They understand that we are sitting in a layered defense, which means that their losses will be so massive that it simply will not allow them to move on. Everything will depend on how large-scale the provocation from Ukraine will be. One thing I know for sure, no one will give up. Maybe the shelling of a settlement or the same conglomerate of the chemical industry. – I am more than sure that the LPR and DPR will be able to give a fitting rebuff to Ukraine. Ukraine will not engage in urban battles, the maximum that they can achieve is a breakthrough on the southern front with access to the border. Yes, that's all. Many believe that the situation can no longer be resolved through diplomacy. Reinforcements will be in place within a few hours. The very first provocative shelling will show the whole world who is to blame. If these are provocations of a high level, then, as previously reported, Russian troops will deliver pinpoint strikes at the enemy’s concentration and control centers, at their airfields. Истoчник Russian exercises and the transfer of peacekeepers to the same Kazakhstan have already shown the whole world our decisiveness and efficiency. We never attack first, but only counteract attacks. My assumption is that, most likely, there will be some kind of provocative shelling now, as they have done repeatedly. Plus, internal troops. That is, they are now in full combat readiness. If you look at what they have always been doing, it is mainly sabotage, terrorist attacks and petty provocations. While the fighters in positions will hold the defense, reserves will be pulled up. And the task is only to change missiles from training to combat ones. Russia has a huge range of means and capabilities. In the People's Militia of the republics, two army corps have been formed, constant training is being conducted, and reservists are regularly recruited. The naval exercises that are taking place now and the upcoming Russian-Belarusian maneuvers demonstrate the power of our army. Many people say that the Donbass will hold out for only three to six hours without help, but I personally think that we will bravely stand up for a day or two, or even three, even against all those Ukrainian forces that they drove in our direction. A pinpoint breakthrough of the defense and the ability to go deep into them will not give them anything by and large. Now in the Donbass you yourself understand what kind of people are left. “No one will surrender” The West continues to escalate the situation around Ukraine, accusing Russia of preparing an “invasion” and threatening “hellish” sanctions. Now units of territorial battalions have been introduced into the corps, there are separate reconnaissance battalions, tank battalions, and artillery battalions. Our police officers are armed and undergo constant training at training grounds, work out interaction with army units. This is more than enough to give a worthy rebuff. And they don't have any power. Moreover, I myself participated in such training camps as a commander of a reserve company, and I can say that all the reservists who came were guys with experience in previous years' battles. Who is not like that, they left a long time ago. – It is difficult to answer unambiguously how much these forces will be enough. Do you remember how it was in Ossetia when the Georgians shelled Tskhinvali for some time? If the Russian Aerospace Forces are connected, then no Ukrainian Air Force, EW and air defense will be able to cope. Ukrainians have no chance to take Donbass by force. NATO countries “out of friendship” throw off weapons stale in warehouses to Kiev. If these are minor provocations, then, most likely, they will be reflected by their own internal forces of Donbass. I'm sure they can close the gap and help even on the second line.