How “tea with Putin” can turn director Sokurov into a criminal case

But Kadyrov, for example, did not want to be a supporting hero, although he is not a director, but he also understands productions. And what? He is a director – he sees it that way. And, of course, they returned to Russia. Politics is not a movie, you can't change the scenery Let's separate everything from everything: the Caucasus from Russia, Texas from the USA, Northern Ireland from Great Britain, Catalonia from Spain … survive. Now journalists are running after Sokurov with the question: is he not afraid to answer for his words according to the law, and after Peskov with the question: can they attract Sokurov … And an endless hype is pouring according to the behest of the novel “Dune”: “the spice must flow” … But personally, for some reason, this whole situation reminded me of the atmosphere in a bus that somehow followed the route Yegoryevsk – Kurovskaya (100 km from Moscow). He spoke at a meeting of the presidential Human Rights Council (HRC) on the republics of the North Caucasus, suggested thinking about “letting go” those Russian territories that do not want to live with Russia, and walks gogol. Alexander Sokurov listens to the President's objections. Well, just so that it is not boring. – And the truth! The same Kadyrov, by the way, was given specific recommendations for further strengthening his political positions. Let's separate and combine with each other. At that time, a heated political discussion flared up in the salon between pensioners-beneficiaries. He quickly intervened in the situation, recalled the Constitution, compared the filmmaker with a “bazaar aunt” and called for “the words of the nihilist Sokurov to be given a legal assessment of the fact of an anti-state and extremist nature.” What do you want? He was just the same irritated and impatient: he had to drive the car, and over his ear there was a continuous “blah-blah-blah.” … I think that “for a cup of tea and talk” Sokurov shouldn’t have invited Vladimir Vladimirovich after all that had happened. Истoчник This scene – here, that – there, here we will cut out altogether. When it comes to Biden … Are you leaving or not? Especially if Kadyrov declares that he “does not like this corrupt face.” And Putin, in response, calls your words “a set of problems and fears” and asks not to arrange talk shows. Photo: Still from video Like film director Alexander Sokurov. Boredom, it kills, and haipanul – and your life is pink. The names of big politicians flew in the air like ping-pong balls. Especially in this particular situation. The process is creative! – At this stop? Hype – the thing is: you can hit the king, or you can fly off the board. What for? – suddenly there was a sharp voice of the driver (who remembered who was going where). – political experts woke up. Something tells: the president prefers coffee and be quiet a little. Girls, boys, let's get out! … And so that driver reminded me of Putin now! The economic and political situation in Belarus, the Baltic states, Poland, Germany and even in Turkmenistan was discussed with great knowledge of the matter. They touched upon both Chechnya and Ingushetia, and the integrity of the territories. And that hero will be “second plan”. Donbass and Ukraine were discussed separately.