I Set My Friends On Fire – Reese’s Pieces I Don’t Know Who John Cleese Is Lyrics

Lets not ruin the surprise. Took everything wouldn’t touch,
And made me feel (hell yeah!)
I had all my faith in you,
That you would never commit and act of deceit,
To wake up in the ante meridian
Knowing there would be solid ground to support my feet. Commonly a virtuoso at these procedures,
But this was the saddest thing my eyes have ever viewed. Having your manhood in your mouth is no fun. Stop, rewind, watch them die. I SET MY FRIENDS ON FIREReese’s Pieces I Don’t Know Who John Cleese Is Lyrics
Oh it’s a shame that I have to tape over,
Those elysian smiles I thought I’d keep forever. Tell me when? This is a maudlin motion picture. I hope he knows, that curvilinear gyrating space,
Won’t be the only thing he’ll taste down there. We’re dying slowing again…we’re dying
Slowly again? To epilate between your thighs…
Are you waiting for his tongue to come? And as for you darling, you’re going no where,
It’s kind of hard to move when you’re tied to a chair. Usually out before I open my eyes. My tongue has been…
I left, you stayed, I hoped and prayed. I’ll forward this to your friends and family. (Oh don’t you love to play it back, and watch it all over?) I don’t buy these incredulous denials,
Do you think you’ve found the exit,
To your escape? Nothing ever made sense,
Was I even real? I remember it all like it was yesterday…
Forget all, Set it down, hit record. Who really knows what goes on in the afternoon? That these nauseating thoughts weren’t true. Not only did that put out the flames. This wasn’t the worse thing that could happen…yes it is. But he regurgitated his drink. Stop to think about it. But with your eyelids sown back to your brows. Bat in hand behind the closest door I painfully stared. Soon you will also be bleeding from underneath. What’s keeping you waiting? What’s hiding in your wardrobe
Isn’t a shopping spree. Pulls the trigger though the midair;
Misses his head and snaps the wire. Now choking and strangling in the water,
His body begins to sink. A theme song in search of a movie,
I’ve got the perfect script to match this tune. The postmeridian hours that we performed,
Seemed like such a perfunctory routine,
But I can obviously tell by the footage here,
That you’re in love with his machine! See there’s a twist to this lovely,
For you too see. This leaves you forced to stare. And sets himself on fire. I really shouldn’t be thinking this way,
It would put my mind at ease,
If I caught your ass on tape. They’ll be no excuses baby. Comes out to stilts supporting the wait of lust,
I always thought you were someone I could always trust. If we’ve both flooded the same skin…
You’ve tasted me,
I’ve tasted you,
Who knows how many places,
My tongue has been? Next time you won’t get out so easily. Why did you pick today? Before we met, I wouldn’t bet,
I would give up nihilism for you! These vigilant eyes can’t keep off the timekeepers. Tell me when? And back away… My intestines are fastening laces,
Intolerable to f**king untangle. If it is alright (if it is alright) to conceal the truth,
Then when does the concealment end, and lying begin? And brush against your cleaned trimmed hair? Now watch this we smacking flesh,
I’m sure you don’t even care. Second hand every angle. It took balls to do what you’ve done. Say “hello” to this bark, in-between your teeth. How could you do this to me? He drinks his virulent drink. Maybe I should reconsider this diagnosis,
Lets think things out before we conclude. Now that I know what I’m up against;
I came prepared. With a wire wrapped around his neck,
Tightly tied to a tree,
There he stood on the top of the cliff,
With his inanimate life, above the sea.