Iggy Azalea – VIBE Lyrics

Does it ever get old? Do you ever feel lost? Oh! But i’m not forgiving like yo mama dog
Keep fucking with me
Same bitches twerking
Same bitches chirping
Same bitches in the mirror
Looking so uncertain
Same bitches critique’s score
Nowhere near perfect
I’m the one who make you laugh
And my pussy perfect
And you family
Still get the pennies
Still get the pennies
It’s a vibe,it’s a vibe,it’s a vibe
Is it real though? You know that i listen like
Yo mama doe? Do you ever need more? Tell me,do you ever wish
You could trade it all in for
A woman that could love you
Like yo mama doe? You a lie,you a lie,you a lie
But you good enought to kill for
Fuck the script i want [??}
We got our own rules, make our traditions
Why you hide this ain’t no fairytale
Set me up for doing you know very well
This is not the right time
You not in the right mind