In the Khabarovsk Territory, residents met a lost tiger on the road

Истoчник This is under ideal circumstances, & mdash; the message says. Press Service of the Amur Tiger Center reported that in the Khabarovsk Territory a red-book tiger cub without a mother came out on the road, Interfax reports. At the same time, scientists noted that there are now problems with the food supply, which are complicated by bad weather. In appearance, the baby is 8-10 months old. Earlier, FSB officers, in cooperation with the Amur Tiger Center, & nbsp; detained & nbsp; in the Primorsky Territory, members of a criminal group that for several years was engaged in shooting Amur tigers and selling their parts abroad. At this age, they are curious and inexperienced, and can walk for a long enough time without the accompaniment of their mother-tigress. It is reported that the lost cub was filmed on the road in the Lazo region of the Khabarovsk Territory. a hunting supervision group that will check that the tiger cub has left the area near the road and returned to its mother.