In the meantime, vice versa. Why is the demand for traditional energy sources growing?

It's all about greenhouse gas emissions that are generated when using traditional energy sources & ndash; oil, gas and coal. Why is coal so displeasing to Europeans and Americans? With a clear demonstration of the perniciousness of such views, in general, and began 2021 & ndash; remember? This is more than ever before in the entire history of the power generation industry. And whatever share they take in the energy balance, they will still be used & hellip; And coal is more environmentally friendly than now, and gas. In general, it was necessary to be on the alert after the aforementioned Texas frost in February. The peak of the cold snap then fell on the first half of the 17th century. Warming & nbsp; or cooling? everyone almost believed that the adherents of the fight against global warming are not talking about the energy business, but fighting to save the world and even stopped noticing how much greenhouse gas emissions remain after the charters that bring their owners to international conferences on climate … But 2021 has prepared surprises here as well. And the latest news makes us take a completely new look at the prospects for the development of the industry, not only in our country, but throughout the world. & ndash; cold weather and poor harvests turned into a Time of Troubles for our country. there was a sharp warming of the World Ocean. Energy industry experts have been talking about this for a long time. The result was the Little Ice Age, which lasted from the 15th to the beginning of the 19th century. Electricity consumption in the world is growing by leaps and bounds. The most direct: the processes described by American researchers completely repeat those that oceanologists have seen for several years, & ndash; up to the slowing down of the Gulf Stream and changes in the Atlantic meridional circulation. While all attention was focused on renewable energy & ndash; to fashionable solar panels and wind turbines, at worst, to fluctuations in oil and gas prices, it turned out that the “ green '' energy sources have given the world almost nothing but costs and noise around them. And if we take into account the frosty records of this winter, it is worth thinking about what awaits us not warming, but cooling. But, of course, you have been told about its consequences in history lessons in school. The drop in production at wind farms in the North Sea was just one of many symptoms that clearly demonstrated the price of populist statements by EU politicians. How much does it cost to celebrate the New Year? In China, climate change led to the invasion of the Manchus, who poured south from their steppes and destroyed the Ming dynasty. By the end of the second decade of the XXI century. That is why, supposedly, they should be immediately abandoned and switched to other technologies, although they are much more expensive. Demand is growing very quickly, and you need to be an incredibly naive person to believe that the use of coal is a thing of the past, and the so-called low-carbon energy will cover all the needs of mankind. Nothing unusual A week ago, the International Energy Agency (IEA) announced that a new record is expected at the end of the year & ndash; the world's power plants will produce 10,350 terawatt-hours of energy from coal. American scientists from the University of Massachusetts have found that all the climatic symptoms that we observe now are almost exactly the same as those that humanity had already experienced several centuries ago. An unexpected result, right? Maybe you have questions about the level of environmental pollution? But the temperature records brought by the end of the year make us think seriously about the theory of global warming, since what is happening in the world is much more like a global cooling. To understand that everything is in order with this, it is enough to look at those power plants that are now being commissioned in Japan, South Korea, China, the countries of Southeast Asia, & ndash; their filters capture 99.9% of pollutants. And there was also a surge in witch-hunting activity & ndash; as always, they were looking for those responsible for global processes beyond human control. Moreover, in both directions & ndash; both east and west. Only the opposite happened: “ green '' the sources turned out to be useless, there was an increase in demand for traditional energy sources, prices for gas and coal (and with them for electricity) went up sharply. In fact, the problem is that Western media & ndash; somewhere for ideological and political convictions, and somewhere for a reward from representatives of the green industry; energy & ndash; for years educated their audiences to fear global warming. & Nbsp; How are the 'new' related energy, which in 2021 demonstrated its failure, and the fight against global warming? But without a reliable power supply, no industrial production is possible. In its northern regions, masses of warm waters began to flow, which led to the melting of the Arctic ice, and after several decades, already cold streams began to spread to the south, which disrupted the circulation of waters in the Atlantic. However, there is nothing unusual. We must think about energy security, the needs of a growing population. 51. President Putin Then he emphasized: “ We have increased not only gas supplies, we have increased coal supplies to the world market by 8%. '' Fear was brought up for years All this means that coal (which is now not so often remembered with a kind word in the European media) has become one of the saviors of the EU in a difficult period, and in addition, provided the restoration of the world economy, which is struggling with the negative consequences of the pandemic. Recall, they promised their voters a decrease in dependence on energy imports, a reduction in energy supply costs and an accelerated transition to “ green '' energy sources. And at the end of summer & ndash; at the beginning of autumn, it became obvious that the same “ rake '' the Europeans came. Have you ever heard of this? The reliability of power supply, as always, is provided by traditional sources, including coal, therefore its consumption is growing. An increase in production will occur even where there was so much talk about the need to abandon coal: in the European Union and the United States. In February, snowstorms and abnormal cold came to the south of the United States. After all, 36% of all world energy consumption is provided by it & ndash; it is slightly less than oil, but more than gas, and many times more renewable energy sources. 22/12/2021 Russian power engineers celebrate their professional holiday on December 22. Истoчник The work was so successful that many respondents to opinion polls put this problem in second place after the fight against terrorism. Comment Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, who oversees energy issues in the government: & ndash; Traditional sources, fossils, which include oil, will not go anywhere in the next few decades. Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. The same equipment is now appearing at Russian coal-fired power plants. What does this have to do with today? A study published in December this year by Professors François Lapuente and Raymond Bradley suggests that at the end of the XIV century. Wind turbines stopped due to icing of the blades, the Texas power grid could not withstand the sharp increase in consumption, and the result was large-scale blackouts that left millions of people without electricity. In Germany, there was the Thirty Years War, accompanied by epidemics and famine, as a result of which more than a third of the population of Central Europe died. They hit new records in 2021. And that means that we need to end the fight against energy, because oil, gas and coal will still save us.