In the Moscow region, two Chinese were sentenced for smuggling spare parts for the Su-27

The owner of the apartment said that the device belongs to his cohabitant Marina Zakharova, who sells aircraft spare parts via the Internet. Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel Истoчник 226.1 of the Criminal Code (smuggling of weapons or military equipment committed by an organized group), but in the verdict part 3 was replaced by part 2 of the same article (that is, they were not considered an organized group). The woman met with customers in one of the Moscow cafes and returned part of the board to them— $5 thousand— for a defective distributor. Chinese citizens were accused of trying to buy and take out a fuel dispenser and temperature sensor to the fighter. from the city of Gavrilov-Yam in the Yaroslavl region, which produced aircraft parts. The Kommersant newspaper wrote in October 2019 that the UK is investigating a case against two Chinese citizens accused of smuggling parts for the Su-27. Vasiliev was offered to participate in an operational experiment, he agreed. Eat what nature intended to lose weight and improve health Summary Pro New requirements for companies' cybersecurity in Russia. They denied their guilt, claiming that they were interested in fertilizers Su-27 fighter The Khimki City Court of the Moscow Region sentenced two Chinese citizens to five and a half and six years in prison on charges of smuggling spare parts for the Su-27 supersonic fighter, TASS reports. “The court ruled to sentence Zhao Xin to five years and six months in a penal colony, Li Hongliang— to six years in a general regime colony, & mdash; the judge announced the verdict. Vasiliev told the operatives that the customer— Chinese citizen Zhao Li. He met with Zhao Xin and Li Hongliang at a hotel in Izmailovo. Where it will lead Articles Pro Buy more: how marketing is preventing us from building a sustainable future Articles Pro A very bad forecast: how the shortage of imported weather instruments is hitting business Forecasts Pro What you need to know about taxes if you decide to open a business in Kazakhstan Articles The defendants denied his guilt, claiming that they were interested not in spare parts for aircraft, but in fertilizers. Initially, a criminal case was opened against them under Part 3 of Art. In July 2009, a Chinese man tried to smuggle a part from a Su-27 across the Russian border. A foreigner was carrying a spare part under the guise of a pump. How to Complete Them Instructions Pro The US market is falling. The woman herself claimed that the distributor was ordered in 2018 by Chinese citizens Zhao Xin and Li Hongliang, offering $18,000. The participants in the transaction were monitored by FSB operatives for several months. Read on RBC Pro Pro Paleo Diet. However, the customers stated that the product was defective and asked for a replacement. Zakharova met with the Chinese in a similar way, and she also agreed to cooperate with the FSB. It's time to “buy the bottom” or it's ahead – expert opinion Forecasts Pro There will be no “employer's market”: why nothing threatens the salary of IT specialists Articles Pro Inflation around the world is getting out of control. During the inquiry, it turned out that the Chinese, in addition to the distributor, also ordered a “capsular thermal sensor”; to the same fighter from the co-founder of Migrant LLC; military pensioner Alexander Vasiliev. As soon as they received the money, they were detained by the FSB. They paid the pensioner an advance of $10,000, and he promised to ship the goods in the near future. He was caught at the Zabaikalsk checkpoint — Manchuria. Zakharova bought a device from him for 540,000 rubles, and then shipped it to China via Ussuriysk in Primorsky Krai. According to the publication, FSB officers found a fuel dispenser for the Su-27 in one of the Moscow apartments.