Kodak Black Rep Yaad In “Z Look Jamaican” Visual Off ‘Haitian Boy Kodak’

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) The cut, which premiered on May 21, has already received more than one million views in 24 hours. The video, which was set in Kingston, Jamaica, was produced by Jermaine Anglin and directed by Young Chang. A shirtless Kodak Black enters the scene and greets everyone before the beat drops, and he begins rapping. It places Jamaican culture center stage and is a celebration of all things Jamaican. Z stands for the Zoe Pound gang, which was founded by Haitian migrants in Miami, Florida, in the 90s. Last month, DJ Khaled and H.E.R shot videos for his album “Khaled Khaled” on the island. Members call each other Z’s or words that start with ‘Z,’ like “Zombie” or “Zoe”. If your daddy a Z, what you is?” To which his son responds, “a Z” while making a hand gesture. The term “Z” is also commonly used in association with anything Haitian-related. The video opens with an aerial shot of Kingston and then cuts to a scene with men playing ludo (commonly called Ludi in Jamaica) in a backyard. Kodak Black rep for his Yaad fans in “Z Look Jamaican” video off his new album, Haitian Boy Kodak. The two are standing in empty space when Kodak Black says to his son, “I got a question, alright. Memorable scenes from the video include dancing from skimpily clad women and the final scene, which features the rapper’s young son. The Jamaican colors are also featured in the clothes worn by Kodak himself and others in the video. It was also #23 on YouTube’s trending music list as of midday on May 22. Throughout the video, there are Jamaican memorabilia (flags etc) prominently displayed. At another table, a group of men is playing dominoes and drinking beer. Fans have welcomed the video, and many are loving the fact that it was shot in Jamaica. One commenter on YouTube said, “Crazy how almost every rapper shootin vidz in Jamaica,” while another wrote, “This masterpiece deserves to be number one on billboard and a billion views.”
Kodak is the latest in a series of American entertainers to visit and shoot videos in Jamaica. It goes without saying that Kodak is of Haitian descent.