Lauryn Hill – Consumerism Lyrics

LAURYN HILLConsumerism Lyrics
[Verse 1]
Consumerism’s running through’em like a tumor in’em
Ageism, sexism, racism, chauvinism
Capitalism running through them like the rumour business
Separatism, scepticism, modernism, atheism
Television running through them like an organism
Mechanism, despotism, poisoning the ecosystem
Satanism running through them like a politician
Hedonism, hypocrism, nihilism, narcissism
Egotism running through them needing exorcism
Situation hedonism, adversary demonism
To fix forms of religious spontaneity is a bad decision
Catholicism, Darwinism, barbarism, formalism
European fetishisms, terrorism
Running through them on the Television
Introversion, extra prisons
Tolerance for bad decisions
Exploitative be the saviour of corrective systems
Paranoid skepticism, schizophrenic masochism
Escapism running through them need a sedative
Medication, complication, devastation negative
I say devastation negative
Modernism has created modern prisons
Neo-McCarthyisms, new colonialisms
Pessimism makes decisions, hoodooism, hypnotism
Egoism, reagalism, humanism, legalism
Mysticism makes decisions from a purer prism
Magnetism, pragmatism, altruism, pacifism
Idealism, actualism, rehabilitation-ism
Skepticism, small fish… recognition… press conditions
Sex addiction, ex suspicion
Vexed conflict is secularism
See, people need to villainize
To alter this thing for their lives
Ugly human, ugly shame
Corporate greed in Jesus’ name
Anarchism subdelusions
…with no solutions
Impositions, superstitions, violence and contradictions
Forged court conditions, no convictions
Compromised commercialism
I said compromised commercialism
War condition, vaults of wisdom
For electromagnetism
Hubris first… behaviourism, false religion, plagiarism
Vocals-ism, music-ism…
Innovation prohibition
Disconnection, broken wisdom
Broken system can’t hold wisdom
Detainees in exorcism
Egotism, egotism, egotism, egotism
Egotism, egotism, egotism, egotism
Alcoholism, fascism, rationalism
National tension, journalism
Mental alternative to plush touched eroticism
Social drug narcotics in a cult of inner superstition
Ritual materialisms, serialisms
Habitual inferior vision
He is, he is
Set to, set to
Self-destruct, self-destruct
He is, he is
Too cool, too cool
To be true
[Verse 2]
Consumerism’s running through them like a tumor in them
Separatism, skepticism, desperation, nepotism
Capitalism running through the Montezuma in em
Ageism, sexism, racism, fascism
Television running through em like an organism
Hedonism, egoism, systematic narcissism
To empty religious spontaneity is anarchism
Social Darwinism, barbarism, modern paganism
Major schizism, division
Selfishness is decision, greedy reductionism
Obstruction of the justice, occupation victimizationism
This is brainwashing, mind control, static stimulation in them
Time control mutilating soulful business decision
Helping people cope, selling dope from a new trope
Synthetic hope, life spent walking on a tightrope
Infantile masturbation, juvenile, no education
Mental castration, a generation forced to labor for a nation
Lots of means of production down, production down, corruption
They need the medication now
They need the medication now
Forced production in a state of mass combustion
Greed and lust and dangerous repercussions
To escape the rupture they speak of rapture
While still going after the things they spiritually capture
Faster and faster and faster
Terrorism running through them on their television
Introversion, indecision, reactionism, hypocrism
Phony nationalism, dishpan Africanism
Material hypnotims, monopoly militarist devi-isms
Intellectual fetishisms, sold on computers and televisions
Exploitative need a savior, correct the system
Paranoid skepticism, schizophrenic mechanisms
Escapism running through them need a sedative
Medication, complication, situation negative
Modernism has created modern prisons
Neo-McCarthyisms, new colonialisms
Pessimism makes decisions, hoodooism, hypnotism
Egoism, regalism, humanism, legalism
…small fish… recognitioN… recognition press conditions
Sex addiction
Vexed out rhythm, anarchism
Self-delusions… with no solutions
Impositions, superstitions, brutalism, contradictions
False belief with no convictions
Compromised commercialism
Commercialism, recognition
Any decisions from a pure prism
Magnetism, pragmatism, altruism, actionism
Activism, pacifism, rehabilitation-ism
No false sensationalism, ape assimilation
Corporate cannibalism, psychological limitations
Allow no imitations, competition, closed assumption
Parasitism, negative simulation