Lavrov: business can help Russians convicted in Sri Lanka for collecting bugs

It was previously reported that three Russian scientists Alexander Ignatenko, Nikolai Kilafyan and Artyom Ryabov need medical assistance, which they cannot be provided in Sri Lanka. It also became known that an official fundraiser was announced in support of the Russians. Истoчник Last week, a Sri Lankan court sentenced three Russians to a fine of 2 million 885 thousand Sri Lankan rupees (1 million 116 thousand 500 rubles) each for illegal collection of rare insects. – For almost a year and a half we sought their release. In the end, everything happened. The Russian business community has offered to pay the fines of Russians convicted in Sri Lanka for collecting beetles, TASS reports with reference to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. It is not so significant. They were given suspended sentences, fined, and our business community took the initiative to pay the fine. They will not be able to leave the country until the fine is paid. All three pleaded guilty due to poor health. “There are quite unusual situations , as in Sri Lanka: our scientists caught bugs, insects, but it turned out that they caught some relic insects that are the subject of religious worship, – reminded the minister at the government hour in the State Duma.