Leadership responsibility. Experts on the role of influencers in solving social problems

“ The audience loves you or does not love you, but treats you as a kind of trigger when it is necessary to make a decision , for example to buy something, & ndash; says Director of New Business Development Sbermarketing Gabriel Gordeev. & ndash; You need to understand that any of your words in social networks work for a long time and can “ backfire '' and after 10 years. The discussion was moderated by the Managing Director of the Russian Media Group. The need to restore the image of independence and independence – the first incentive for a leader of public opinion to do good deeds. & ndash; Social media is of enormous importance today. Russian Media Group, for which the ESG agenda and the topic of social responsibility became key in 2021, actively joined the project. ” The radio host and the singer hugged in a gesture of reconciliation, reminding the audience of the importance of weighing every word when you are a public person. And they can figure it out without our help, & ndash; singer Anna Sedokova agreed with the radio host. & nbsp; Understanding its social responsibility as a media, Russian Media Group actively raises the topic of the role of opinion leaders in the formation of public culture and worldview of the audience. “ Why do we imitate celebrities, listen to them? And the attractive images of the people we see on the screens show us those who have succeeded, who have independence, their own opinion. “ ” Our traditions are very rich, but there are problems with ethics and aesthetics, ” took the floor general & nbsp; director of ANO “ Center for the Development of Cultural Initiatives '', head of the art cluster “ Tavrida '' Sergey Pershin. And to gain trust & ndash; the main thing is not to lie. When I was growing up, in order to show the song to the producer, I had to go to Moscow and watch the Kremlin. & ndash; the discussion was opened by VTsIOM General Director Valery Fedorov … & ndash; A person wants to be loved and successful. And next year we are planning to hold our largest “ Music Casting '' there. And a great responsibility lies with public people, who must find the time to broadcast certain values ​​and attitudes. Yes, today young guys respect someone who earns a lot and looks for positive traits in him, he gets a credit of trust. We can probably guide our children. “ In England, the monarchy personifies integrity, & ndash; told about the example of Britain Soviet and Russian TV journalist Alexander Gurnov. But this leads to zeroing, mangles ethics and aesthetics. & nbsp; The General Director of VTsIOM also spoke about the important role of influencers in initiating an intense discussion about new complex phenomena, to which society does not have an unambiguous attitude. The panellists discussed the nature of popularity, what responsibility it imposes on opinion leaders, and how much the structure of influencer has changed in connection with the emergence of social networks. December 3 at the site of the International Forum of Civil Participation #MYVMESTE “ Russian Media Group '' held a plenary session on Popularity as a Tool for Solving Social Problems. '' Influence of influencers on youth As Valery Fedorov noted, many people try to become an opinion maker for the sake of monetization, which, however, turns influencer into a marketable product and creates the risk of devaluation of their personal brand. And now, when Valeria has a new song, you play it on the piano, mark Valeria & ndash; and if you are talented, Joseph Prigogine sees you. It became part of the holding's partnership with the # WEVMESTE All-Russian Mutual Aid Campaign. Dmitry Mednikov. Destroy to the ground and build a new world on the rubble. Modern digitalization has reduced the distance. & nbsp; & ndash; They will go to fight for her, she is a symbol of the country's inviolability. But young people want to see not a system of prohibitions, but a system of reward. “ If you are endowed with such a responsibility as popularity, you have to think every day if you are doing everything right, & ndash; the presenter of “ Russian Radio '' shared her look Alla Dovlatova. '' & nbsp; Истoчник aif.ru # WEVMESTE & ndash; This is a large-scale all-Russian action of mutual assistance, created to support the elderly and people with limited mobility, as well as doctors, employees of social institutions of NGOs and others in need of the difficult period of the COVID-19 pandemic. And the audience has a desire to repeat the actions of celebrities, the romanticization of these actions. In the plenary session held by the Russian Media Group singer, TV presenter Anna Sedokova, Soviet and Russian TV journalist Alexander Gurnov, general director of VTsIOM Valery Fedorov, radio and TV presenter Alla Dovlatova, general director of the ANO Center for the Development of Cultural Initiatives, head of the Tavrida art cluster Sergey Pershin, director of new business development, Sbermarketing Gabriel Gordeev, actress and TV presenter Elena Borshcheva. '' “Children choose for themselves what they like and what & ndash; no. In addition, influencers & ndash; they are living real people, not abstract institutions, and this inspires confidence. And influence through trust is more important than influence through noise, hype. & ndash; There is something in us that makes us follow the principles of the international. & ndash; As Vyacheslav Fetisov said : if your poster is hanging in a child's room, no negative about you should come out into the public space. And we are faced with the question: how to include celebrity in socially useful affairs? '' “ In Tavrida '' now the largest cluster for creative youth is being created, & ndash; told the managing director of the Russian Media Group Dmitry Mednikov … & ndash; Everything that we are discussing now is concentrated there.