Lil Baby Visits White House Shares Photo With VP Kamala Harris

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of his death. Floyd was killed in an encounter with police officers in Minneapolis last year. Hundreds of people took to the streets across various US cities last night on the anniversary of Floyd’s death. The rapper has been extremely vocal about police brutality and other social issues faced by the black community. The rapper’s visit coincided with that of the family of George Floyd. Yesterday, Floyd’s family met with the President and other White House officials to discuss the Act, which is stalled in the Senate. Oregon police declared a riot in Portland as one of the demonstrations to commemorate Floyd’s death spiraled into chaos. The legislation considered under the Act, if it becomes effective, would ban chokeholds, put restrictions on the use of deadly force by law enforcement and make it easier to prosecute officers for wrongdoing. Research it.”
In June last year, shortly after Floyd’s death, Lil Baby released the song “The Bigger Picture” in response to the protests over his death. View this post on Instagram

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) For his part in honoring Floyd’s memory, Lil Baby’s fans have expressed how proud they are of the rapper. Last month, after Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering Floyd, U.S President Joe Biden called for lawmakers to resurrect the George Floyd Justice in Policing bill. #wegottastartsomewhere.” The statement was accompanied by two images of the rapper alongside the VP in her office. In a post on his Instagram page, Lil Baby wrote, “Big shoutout to @vp for taking the time out her busy day to sit with me an have an open discussion! In a post on his Instagram story where he shared a snap of the meeting, the rapper said, “The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act is overly important. One user commented, “He really working towards The Bigger Picture mad respect,” while another added, “Cant lie THATS BIG!!!”
Fans are now looking forward to what the rapper has in store on the political front as well as musically. Lil Baby was also present at the meeting to discuss the George Floyd act. Lil Baby recently took a trip to the White House and met with Vice President Kamala Harris.