Lithuanian authorities proposed to ban the transit of goods from Belarus

The British authorities explained that this would “ affect a major source of income and foreign exchange for the Lukashenka regime. The restrictions will affect the national debt of the country, as well as 20 people and 12 organizations, such as Slavkali, Beltechexport. In November, the situation escalated when columns of migrants approached the Polish border along the Belarusian territory and tried to storm the hurriedly built barriers there. The document proposes to impose sanctions on products from Belarus, as well as on goods directly or indirectly imported from the republic. On December 13, he clarified that Minsk will take this step if the sanctions put the country in a state of emergency. A new sanctions package against Minsk was introduced against the backdrop of the migration crisis that began on the border of Belarus, Poland and Lithuania in the summer. On December 2, the British authorities imposed sanctions against five journalists from the Belarusian media and the Belaruskali company. “ Contracts signed before the imposition of sanctions in Lithuania must be terminated unilaterally or by mutual agreement, or the fulfillment of their terms must be suspended for the duration of the sanctions '', & mdash; it says in the bill. This will allow the republic to suspend the transit of fertilizers “Belaruskali”, in respect of which the UK has imposed sanctions The Lithuanian Ministry of Transport has prepared a law that provides for a ban on the import of Belarusian goods and their transit through the territory of Lithuania, LRT reports with reference to the project. In particular, Polish President Andrzej Duda called what was happening a massive hybrid attack. Earlier, Lukashenko warned that if European sanctions were imposed, he could cut off the Yamal gas pipeline & mdash; Europe with Russian gas. Vilnius will have the opportunity to stop the transit of Belaruskali fertilizers, against which the UK has imposed sanctions. Subscribe to RBC's Telegram Get news faster than anyone Истoчник In the West, they believe that the organizers of the crisis are the Belarusian authorities, who deliberately brought migrants to the border. and Belorusneft. In particular, pork, by-products, milk and dairy products (with some exceptions), vegetables (except for seeds intended for sowing), fruits and nuts, animal oils, sausages, confectionery, salt were included in the list of products prohibited for importation. In response to sanctions from the EU, the United States and other countries, Belarus will introduce a food embargo on some goods from January 1. EU. '' On the same day, the United States imposed sanctions on Belarus. and TransAviaExport. Minsk denies all accusations and insists that the migrants act on their own, and the assault was provoked by “ indifference ''. The ministry clarified that the term of the law will be set if it is adopted. New sanctions were also introduced by the EU: 17 individuals and 11 companies, including Belavia, fell under them. The Ministry of Transport of Lithuania has prepared a bill prohibiting the transit of goods through its territory bypassing the sanctions. The Lithuanian authorities have proposed to ban the transit of goods that fall under the sanctions from Belarus.