Love me for life – Feenixpawl lyrics

I’m not by the sunshine and holding hands. Lyrics Feenixpawl – Love me for life
I’m not the girl take home to mama. Sometimes I’m straight up, sometimes I’m f*cked up. (x2)
You say you love me for lifeee. Feenixpawl lyrics
Video life But I love to love ya,
Better to keep ya. You’re never really know. Boy you must be out of your mind
To say that you love me for lifeee. You like a bitter-sweet baby don’t ya? defence.(love me for life)
Sometimes I love ya, sometimes I hate ya. So I won’t .. Sometimes I just don’t know.
Why would I let ya go. (x2)
I think you’re crazyyy. Love me for lifeee. Love me for lifeee.