LPR veteran accused OSCE mission of bias and connivance with the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Mission representatives complain that they are literally not allowed to move inside the territory controlled by the LPR, and therefore to perform their functions. Today, it is generally difficult for a person who does not have information about what is actually happening in Donbass to understand anything from the OSCE reports. And the OSCE, in fact, has always indulged the position of Ukraine, which is under external control. You don't have to go far for an example. If you put their report on the map, you could understand that the shelling was carried out by the armed forces of Ukraine in the republics of Donbass. I would suggest, in my opinion, a completely logical option, which is superimposed on the legal basis. Every year they moved further and further from objective coverage and more and more went over to the side of the armed forces of Ukraine. Therefore, I am very well versed in the specifics of these reports. But, in fairness, I want to note that in reports three or four years ago, information was reflected much more objectively. But if you open the map and compare the indicated direction and distance, it becomes clear that the shelling was carried out by the armed forces of Ukraine. The mission was restricted from moving around the unrecognized republic In the reports of the mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), deployed in 2014 in eastern Ukraine to resolve the armed conflict and monitor the situation , more and more complaints began to appear against the leadership of the Lugansk People's Republic. – After the incident with Andriy Kosyak, the representative of the LPR leadership in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination made a number of statements so that the OSCE would prevent the illegal actions of Ukraine. As you can imagine, we are talking about Ukraine. As an example – a recent report, where it is written that, while in the Zheltoye settlement, controlled by the Donbass republics, they heard shots from small arms at their unmanned aerial vehicle. But after the change in the OSCE leadership, when Alexander Hug left and a new leader came, the reports began to undergo changes. Afterwards, the head of the LPR in the Joint Center said that the OSCE mission would be limited in movement across the territory of the republic until our Andrei Kosyak was released. It's no secret that the entire world community is now aiming to drag Russia into the conflict in southeastern Ukraine. A gross violation that is not reflected in the report is the detention of a representative of the LPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination Andrei Kosyak. Hence it follows that the OSCE mission has no right to be here. After all, they drive heavy armored vehicles, the fuel consumption of which is not small. All the same, there was a noticeable shift in sympathy for one side of the conflict. Our republics were proclaimed, and, according to our residents, we are not Ukraine. – Previously, this was part of my functional responsibilities, since, as an official representative of the People's Militia, I ensured interaction between the OSCE and the People's Militia. One example is when an OSCE representative was captured near a Ukrainian tank, but this tank was not listed in the report. All points in the LPR are closed for them, that is, they perform their functions only through the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic. We do not interfere with their work, but the “cost” of these works has increased significantly. Even in spite of the fact that it was not quite complete, but at least to determine from where and from what weapon the blows were delivered, they recorded and prescribed. Until now, none of the OSCE mission reports reflects this fact. And in order to get from Lugansk, for example, to the village of Luganskaya, you need to overcome not twenty kilometers, but three hundred and twenty. And it is clear that when reading this by a person who does not understand, the first thing he thinks is that the People's Militia of the LPR fired. This means that the mandate number 117, guided by which the OSCE representatives work, is not valid on our territory. But, as you know, no steps were taken for this. Naturally, those Western countries that oversee the OSCE do not want to present the “square” in an unfavorable light. – This is a general trend. I believe this issue should be raised on international platforms. They sometimes did not even hesitate to point out directly that the strikes were delivered from the side of the positions of Ukraine. Sometimes even journalists recorded the mistakes of the OSCE mission representatives who saw violations, but this was not reflected in the reports. – As far as I know, the mission representatives either keep silent to all questions or avoid answering. The extra hundreds of kilometers hit the pocket hard. “I have read all their reports from 2015 to this day,” said Marochko. – Politically, everything is not simple here. PHOTO: FACEBOOK.COM/MINISTRYOFDEFENCE.UA A veteran of the People's Militia of the LPR Andriy Marochko told MK that restrictive measures have indeed been taken, and they are primarily related to the fact that the OSCE staff have long lost their objectivity and clearly show sympathy for the “square”, turning a blind eye to Ukraine's violations of the Minsk agreements. This is naturally reflected in the financial statements, and the OSCE leadership is very dissatisfied with this. Истoчник www.mk.ru We can say that initially, even in “hot” times, the OSCE reports did not reflect the real picture of what was happening in Donbass. Naturally, everything that they published, I checked, read, and made reports on their daily reports. If Ukraine does not comply with the Minsk agreements, then, consequently, the territories of the Donbass republics cannot even be called Ukrainian. And this is already being done in practice: in order for the OSCE representatives to get to the controlled territory of Ukraine, they have to make a huge detour.