May the Fourth be with you

I was in love with Denis Lawson for years. Peter Cushing’s cheekbones. Rogue One doesn’t have a happy ending: it has to be that way (narrative consistency). Kylo Ren’s petulant tantrums. Leia takes no crap from anyone, least of all Calrissian. Bond is a Storm Trooper: that also makes sense. Favourite evil villain destined for death: Jabba the Hutt. Kate saw The Empire Strikes Back three times a day for most of the summer of 1983, as a cinema usherette, and   loved every one of its continuity bloopers. Favourite Jedi: old Obi-Wan (I cannot take Ewan and his plait seriously). Preferred occupation while listening to podcasts: cooking or knitting. The multi-Jedi fight scene in Revenge of the Sith. The epic scale and grandeur of the starship graveyard scenes in The Force Awakens.  
Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterestEmailPrintGoogleLike this:Like Loading… Preferred soundtrack while reading: the sound of silence. I do like narrative consistency, even if he looked like a puppy. Yoda’s syntax. It’s very easy to forget the awfulness of Attack of the Clones. Favourite   new face: Diego Luna (but see 6, alas). Alec Guinness Shakespeares everyone in A New Hope off the screen. Favourite return: Mon Mothma (different actresses, but I never noticed). I also want his floating chair. She does more sf reviewing on, and in Foundation,   the magazine of the British Scence Fiction Association. Wedge! Every single speeder and spaceship chase. Let me count the ways …. The names: they’re all lovably bonkers, and make no sense linguistically. The sheer joy of Admiral Ackbar’s enthusiasm. May the Fourth be with you

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Pingback: Now Posting on Vulpes Libris: May the Fourth be with you – Kate Macdonald Favourite planetary setting: Hoth, because the characters have to work with the environment, they can’t ignore it. Chewy can put androids back together again with furry paws. The elegant impracticality of long flowing white crepe robes in greasy, dirty, snag-cornered metal spaceships. Related

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