Medicine on wheels. Regions are equipped with mobile medical complexes

At the & nbsp; place, patients are taken of the necessary tests, mammography, X-ray examinations and & nbsp; other necessary procedures are performed. For & nbsp; 2021, 69 & nbsp; thous. people living in & nbsp; remote settlements of the republic. Two mobile feldsher-obstetric stations were purchased in & nbsp; Kosh-Agachsky district of the Altai Republic. In addition, a dental complex and a & nbsp; mammograph entered the republic. Vehicles equipped with equipment for conducting field medical examinations will operate in remote villages of the Jewish Autonomous Region. In total, the & nbsp; Republic in & nbsp; this year, the Altai Republic will receive 30 & nbsp; mobile complexes, 10 & nbsp; mobile dental complexes and & nbsp; mobile fluorograph. Mobile FAP & nbsp; & mdash; this is a specialized off-road vehicle. Delivery of mobile medical complexes to & nbsp; regions & nbsp; & nbsp; one of the & nbsp; important directions of the federal project “ Development of primary health care '', which is being implemented within the & nbsp; framework of the national project “ Healthcare ''. In the & nbsp; mobile complexes, you can make a cardiogram, take tests, and they also receive medical therapists. Its goal is to provide high-quality, timely and & nbsp; equal access to medical care for all residents of the country. Since & nbsp; the beginning of the implementation of the national project “ Healthcare '' 1 & nbsp; 017 mobile medical complexes were supplied to medical organizations. Истoчник There is everything you need for work: a refrigerator for storing medicines and & nbsp; materials, cabinets, mezzanines and & nbsp; sinks with & nbsp; hot and & nbsp; cold water. exits, examined by 2 & nbsp; million people. Now there is an opportunity at & nbsp; place to serve and & nbsp; hard-to-reach village of Argut with & nbsp; population of less than 100 people and & nbsp; where there is no FAP. Inside there are two offices & nbsp; & mdash; reception and & nbsp; procedural. One of the & nbsp; mobile FAPs was assigned to the & nbsp; Jazatorsky rural settlement. Plot National projects Medicine is becoming more accessible with the & nbsp; appearance of mobile medical complexes in the & nbsp; regions. During & nbsp; this time, mobile teams examined and consulted more than 20 & nbsp; thousand. Now it is possible to organize a complete survey of rural residents, without additional trips to the & nbsp; district or republican center. Already delivered 3 & nbsp; medical mobile complexes, equipped with furniture and & nbsp; equipment for diagnostics in the & nbsp; field of otolaryngology, neurology, gynecology, ophthalmology and & nbsp; other areas. To create comfortable and & nbsp; safe working conditions for doctors, the complexes are equipped with air conditioning and & nbsp; heater, bactericidal irradiator. Residents of remote villages will be able to undergo most of the examinations provided for by the program of the first stage of clinical examination of the adult population, at their place of residence, without a face-to-face visit to a medical organization. The main tasks of the medical mobile complex is to conduct full-fledged medical research in & nbsp; remote and & nbsp; remote areas of the region. The & nbsp; Republic of Adygea received mobile complexes, which were immediately launched into & nbsp; operation.