Milkcan – Keep Your Head Up!! Lyrics

I don’t know
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know
Gotta move on but I don’t think I can carry on no
I couldn’t go on no, I couldn’t go on
It seemed like my life was falling apart
It was the 36th time that he’d broken my heart,
or was it 37 or 38
I remember way back
When my life was laid back
No obligations or responsibilities
Didn’t have to work or, didn’t have no chores
The only thing I had in mind was looking good each day
But then my life was rolling
Had to work each morning
Paying the bills and walking my dog
became my daily life
But the more you suffer,
You feelbetter when it’s over,
That’s for sure
And so when your pain comes along
Just go with the flow
Don’t turn your back to your problems,
Just give it a go
Your troubles in life, will eventually
serve you as a drop of spice in your life
Repeat (A)
Repeat (C)
Keep your head up!! (A)
It was the 36th time that he’d broken my heart
It was the 80th time that I’d fallen apart,
I knew from the start it was gonna be rough but not as
painful as this
Once I didn’t have money,
Twice I forgot his name
Then I put on my make up wrong,
My hair was a big mess and so was my dress
And I remember those nights
I was feeling real down but then a chance would soon
come around
Repeat (A)
Once he asked for my number,
Twice he asked for my name,
But I was nervous and lost my mind,
I gave him a number but it was my Mom’s
Repeat (B)
Gotta move on…..