Moral Decline – Kill Kill Kill Lyrics

They Try to show you there own beliefs
those religious cults are a bunch of Thieves
you’ll go to heaven if you pray
so send in your cash and you’ll be saved
The Bible says ” Killings a Sin ”
lets start a war that we cant win
say were proud here we come
well were not proud you Texas scum
Theres Vietnam vets out on the streets
with no arms or legs and food to eat
they were tricked forced to kill
now there all extremely ill. MORAL DECLINEKill Kill Kill Lyrics
The People of today
there all f**ked up in there own way
they think this life’s a joke a game
and success is built by wealth and fame. what will happen to all our troops
will they fall into the same loop
wind up poor and out on the streets
because our country is full of deceit The Local news is filled with fear
so your thoughts of rebellion disappear
they only show you what they want you to see
like criminals and thugs stealing money
Think for yourself
Killings a crime
Theres no war to win
Your wasting your time
we all have a choice
so think with your head
cause if you don’t
Soon we’ll be DEAD!