Moscow enterprises have met the vaccination requirement for 80% of employees

68-UM dated June 8, 2020'. Certificates issued after vaccination will remain valid for one year as before. “ The decision of the Chief Sanitary Doctor on compulsory vaccination of at least 80% of workers in healthcare, education, social sphere, trade, public catering and a number of other sectors of the economy has been fully implemented. Истoчник Enterprises in Moscow have complied with the requirement of Rospotrebnadzor for mandatory vaccination against coronavirus for 80% of employees. On December 14, Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree 'On Amendments to the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow No. '' ;, & mdash; said the mayor. The validity period of QR codes received after a negative PCR test will be reduced from three to two calendar days. Mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin wrote about this in his personal blog. The situation with the spread of COVID-19 remains stable … Over the past week in the city, the number of new cases of infection decreased by 7%, hospitalizations & mdash; by 6%. The mayor of the city thanked the leaders and employees of these organizations and said that more than 5.8 million Muscovites were vaccinated with the first component of the coronavirus vaccine. From December 20, the period of validity of Moscow QR-codes issued to citizens who have recovered from 6 to 12 months will increase in the city. “ Get vaccinated and when the time is right, don't forget to get boosted '', & mdash; summed up the mayor. The mayor urged residents to take care of their health and continue to take precautions.