Named the tactics of the “American authorities” in the negotiations with Ukraine on the Donbass

Last July, for example, they refused to communicate within the framework of the trilateral contact group in Minsk while Maya Pirogova, who was registered as a “terrorist” for publishing materials of an “anti-Ukrainian nature”, was participating in them. And now, the representative of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak, reacted emotionally to the publication in the Ukrainian version of the Deutsche Welle publication, which reported on the plans of the Normandy Four to set the date for direct negotiations between the Ukrainian authorities and the “militias”. There were plans to build a trading hub on the border with Crimea and make it easier for residents to cross checkpoints. They absolutely do not want this. But for three years, the construction process has not been reported. “Whether we like it or not, we have to step over ourselves. The subcortex of Ukrainian politicians is stitched with “red lines” Today, a meeting of political advisers to the leaders of the Normandy Four is taking place in Paris. However, citizens of the unrecognized republics were able to hear through these towers that the Ukrainian president was just ready to completely break off relations with them. “The position of Ukraine, which has been expressed many times at different levels, is unchanged, it meets Ukrainian interests. I'm even ready to negotiate with the bald devil, so long as not a single person dies. From Yermak's answer, it does not follow at all that any of this was “sewn into his subcortex.” The Ukrainian authorities are so afraid of raising the rating of the leaders of the Lao PDR by meeting with them that it would be better to give up trying to peacefully resolve the conflict altogether, and all residents will be recorded as terrorists and separatists. – This destroys the myth that is convenient for Europe and Kiev, that the war is between Ukraine and Russia. In theory, “Ukrainian interests” should be to end the war, stabilize the situation and return control of their territories. The day before, information appeared in the Ukrainian media that representatives of Russia, Germany and France would allegedly try to convince Ukraine to set a date for negotiations with the leadership of the DPR and LPR. We need to take the first step – stop shooting and develop our country.” At first, he really took steps in this direction. And such inventions appear thanks to manipulators who have already tried many times to make “treason” out of the blue… Let those who are involved in the creation of these fakes today go and draw red lines on their foreheads, and we have them, like Ukrainian interests are stitched on the subcortex,” said Yermak. Zelensky tried to establish contact with the residents of Donbass through television and radio broadcasting by installing additional television towers on the demarcation line. First, the Minsk agreements do not work. The idea was good, people could see that not everything is so bad in Ukraine. If negotiations are conducted between Kiev and Donetsk, Lugansk, it means that this is an internal showdown, a civil war. The question is, was it worth delivering this information to such a hassle? There were no direct negotiations with the separatists and never will be. Experts told why the Ukrainian authorities actually changed their minds about communicating with residents of the south-east of the country. But Kiev is clearly not in the mood to sit down with them at the negotiating table. The response of Ukraine has always been categorical and ended with a violent reaction – accusations and notes of protest. Secondly, human life comes first. Although now, it seems, they want to persuade Ukraine to this decision in order to avoid war.” Истoчник Sometimes the dislike of the representatives of the DPR and LPR among Ukrainian politicians reaches such a limit that Kiev generally threatens to stop all talk of resolving the conflict. Although three years ago, Zelensky was ready to negotiate “even with a bald devil” in order to “save lives.” Photo: The question of whether it would be nice to invite representatives of the self-proclaimed republics to the negotiation process on Donbass has been discussed many times. A year before taking office as president, Zelensky gave an interview to Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, where he answered several important questions. And thirdly, in order to return the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, it is necessary to talk with them and develop the economy.