Stephen Di Genius Celebrates Grammy Win With Damian Marley & Shakira

He started recording and producing music since his high school days growing up in a musical family. Related Posts

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Damian “Jr. The Big Ship producer did work on both Damian Marley’s Stony Hill album and Shakira’s El Dorado won Best Reggae Album and Best Latin Pop respectively at the 60th annual Grammy Awards in New York on Sunday night. @supadups @chinomcgregor @chanelgenio @kevinadg and all of my other Grammy winning friends tonight, let’s do this again next year, shall we/” he wrote on IG. Dancehall producer Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor is celebrating more Grammy certification
Di Genius has plenty to be happy about right now after adding more Grammy certificates to his collection. Nevertheless, Stony Hill is an impressive album worthy of a Grammy award. Love to everyone else nominated, just to be considered is a win for all More music!! His father is none other than the legendary Freddie McGregor. Gong” Marley Wins 2018 Grammy “Best Reggae Album”

Damian Marley Travels To Ethiopia For “Speak Life” Video This is also his first Grammy win in the reggae category although he is traditionally a dancehall producer. Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor has been one of the most decorated and recognized producers in reggae/dancehall over the past decade. “Honored to be a part of these two Grammy winning albums today @damianmarley @shakira. The reggae music industry is celebrating Damian Marley‘s Grammy win although some fans have mixed feelings about it.