Ninja Sex Party – Thunder & Lightning Lyrics

Globes of massive strength and size
Thunder! And Lightning! And Lightning! And Lightning! Acorns shot from the tree of life
Thunder! Power spheres from beyond the skies
Orbs of might, made of radiant light
Thunder! And Lightning! Jewels that fell from an angel’s crown
Thunder! And Lightning! And Lightning! And Lightning! My loins are filled like darkened clouds
Evil has no chance
All shall tremble before the storm
That gathers in my pants
Turns out being struck by lighting
Doesn’t give you any powers
They caved my head in with a pipe
And beat me for several hours
But as I lay there half-conscious
With my nuts exposed to air
I looked up to the blackened sky
And said an ancient prayer:
“Lord, if you’re there, please infuse my nuts with the power of a thousand suns”
Holy shit, you’re real?! [Verse 2]
I now had a new calling
I was destined to fight crime
No man could escape the justice
My meaty clackers could provide
So I bought them a little unitard
And found them a tiny cape
Then ran to the the city’s toughest gang
And screamed “There’s no escape!”
From the wrath of
Thunder! [Verse 1]
When I was just a young man
I was wandering in the rain
Got struck by lightning in the junk
Fell to the ground in pain
But when I woke the next morning
I witnessed something odd
My nuts were supercharged
With glowing power from the gods
They were
Thunder! [Outro]
Suck ‘em! High voltage nugs lighting up the night
Mighty balls gifted from Odin’s halls
Thunder! [Chorus]
Let there be
Thunder! And Lightning! [Verse 3]
One with the power to electrify
One with the strength to smash
First you hear that rumble baby
And then you see the flash! and Lightning! Rounded junk that’ll take you down
Stones of war, tiny hammers of Thor