No Malice – Jesus Christ (Let The Dead Bury The Dead Album)

Now don’t go talkin to them folks givin’ info
Just know they listenin’ on them scanners nigga ten fo (four)
Just to have em’ ask ya later " Whatcha in for? [Verse 1]
Blood drip from God’s gift I’m baptized
They blaspheme these niggas making me backslide
Seen it from afar so it came as no surprise, the child lash out when daddy doesn’t chastise
That aside it is I who must father them
Like swattin’ flies they starting to become bothersome
Honor Him Cuban refugee I Assatta them
For this I die and gladly enter martyrdom
They tell me Biggie preached his own death
I say what better than your own breath
Get it from the horse mouth get your thoughts out
Labels got em’ like Lamar dead sleep in a whore house
Do not you know freedom come from Salvation
False prophet, I spot you like a Dalmatian
Final destination be aware what you headed for
I ain’t gotta burn any bridge that’s what hell is for
I heard you came up on them bricks what it hit for? Lift the veil allow em all to see the cost
Gucci said even money can’t buy you sauce
Police dogs on the innocent, they don’t even call em off
All this rap rap while the ghetto’s in a holocaust [Verse 2]
Lord God forgivem’ for they know not;
What they sayin’ fat lippin’ like botox
Playin’ witcha’ name while knowing it’s my sore spot
I’m listenin’ wit a squint it’s hard to read like the court doc
Aforethought He must be the risen Christ
Who died once they still tryin to killem’ twice
Kill the lights, leavem ‘ in the dark let em’ pillow fight
I say let em’ all feel the burn like Killer Mike
These mockeries taunting me I’m beside myself;
Toward the God I’m beseechin’ for my mama’s health
Look toward the hills cause it sho’ ain’t no amount of wealth
I say to the devil let em’ go now hold this L!