Nursery for babies. What kind of new kindergartens are being built?

There is also a storage room for strollers. Little reeds quickly got used to and feel at home. The problem with preschool places, which was very acute here, has now been resolved. “ Kamyshan, who want to bring their children here, are many. “ Of course, babysitting and caring for babies is special, since at this age a small person requires increased attention. A resident of the village Anna Shadrina is glad that nursery groups have appeared in the new kindergarten. For young mothers who do not have the opportunity to hire a nanny or give their child to be raised by grandparents, this is very important. If the teacher does not succeed in teaching the child to distinguish between a circle and an oval in traditional ways, such multisystems come to the rescue. “ Construction of the kindergarten began in June 2020. And they have such a regime that is necessary at this age. '' Photo courtesy of Kamyshin's administration. & ndash; Today has come a joyful day for us, because all the inhabitants of our village Krest-Kytyl were waiting for the opening of a new light, spacious kindergarten building. and “ Kytylchaan '', which are located in dilapidated wooden buildings. And there are also sensor modules & ndash; large tablets with games, tutorials and fun tasks. Immediately after the opening of the kindergarten in June this year, all 140 places were occupied. “ As long as kindergartens and schools are being built in villages and estates, they will develop, '' the teacher explains its significance. Everything is clear and simple. The three-dimensional picture is so colorful and realistic that it is impossible to take your eyes off. Head of the kindergarten Esmira Sadikhova says that in June they brought to the kindergarten, or rather & ndash; brought in a stroller, a 3-month-old baby. And this is justified, because our conditions are excellent, “says Esmira Sazhykhova. < h2>They brought a three-month-old baby And in Kamyshin, Volgograd region, a new kindergarten accepts babies from the age of three months. In November, a kindergarten “ Tuskul '' was opened in the village of Krest-Kytyl in the Namskiy ulus of Yakutia for 240 places, built with the support of the national project “ Demography. I would like to thank the builders who, in the difficult conditions of the pandemic, completed the work on time. The emergence of a new kindergarten in the village & ndash; the event is very important. 3-4 times a day sleep, walks, food & ndash; on a separate menu: mixes, cereals, mashed potatoes. In addition to him, there are two more children under the age of & ndash; both 8 months old. One of the most beloved rooms & ndash; interactive cabinet. There are walking and sports grounds in the yard. In October, a new kindergarten was opened in the village of Aya, Altai Territory. The kindergarten has 3 groups of 20 people for young children and one (10 people) for middle-aged children. The new building has a hall for physical culture and music lessons, classrooms for subject-practical training, speech therapy and methodological classes, as well as a catering unit, its own boiler room with a diesel autonomous electrical installation, with the help of which, in the event of an emergency shutdown, it will be provided with electricity. The conditions of stay created for babies are almost the same as at home. Then we were promised that the object would be commissioned by the end of 2021, and this promise was fulfilled, – says its head Sargylana Indeeva. Истoчник Now we can go to work and realize ourselves in the profession. And now, in addition to the nursery, there are 6 groups working here. '' Pupils of two preschool institutions – “ Saryal '' will move to this kindergarten. Photo courtesy of Kamyshin's administration. Attention is paid to security issues & ndash; video surveillance and security systems are working, a fire alarm is installed. Here you can build a real volcano out of sand with your own hands and wait for its eruption. The educators do an excellent job, especially since there is always everything you need at hand & ndash; from pacifiers and diapers to a separate refrigerator and cradles, '' says the manager. '' The three-storey building has all the necessary conditions for the education and development of children, as well as maintaining their health: a computer class, a music and gymnasium, a medical room, offices of a speech therapist and a psychologist, a catering unit. She brought her youngest daughter to kindergarten, who is 1.5 years old, and explains: “Now parents will be able to send their child to kindergarten from an earlier age.