Oncologist told why cancer in young people is more dangerous

Истoчник aif.ru Earlier it was reported that the first anticancer drug against breast cancer based on a genetically modified oncolytic virus. The second reason & mdash; late detection of the disease, since screening for cancer within the framework of clinical examination is recommended from the age of 50-55, and cancer in the early stages does not manifest itself in any way. Cancer in young people aged 20 to 40 often progresses more rapidly, and mortality from some of its types turns out to be higher than in older people, the chief physician of the Lapino Cancer Center told Gazeta.ru 2 '' Mikhail Davydov. Davydov recalled that young women need to have mammography once a year and a half. “ Because of this, quite often, when treating, for example, breast cancer in young women, they are medically administered to a state of menopause in order to reduce the activity of hormonal levels, '' & mdash; explained the doctor. “ In most cases, in people from 20 to 40 years old, it is more often found already in neglected conditions. Also, hormones can speed up many negative processes. In addition, young patients often have cancer of the cervix, thyroid, liver, intestines and blood (leukemia). Hence, the lethality is higher '', & mdash; noted the specialist. In early December, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation authorized its clinical trials. Due to the fact that metabolic processes are active in a young body, cancer cells multiply and develop faster. Breast cancer is in the first place in terms of prevalence among this age group, and the prognosis of survival is lower than in women aged 60 and older.