Partisans in Odessa destroyed Ukrainian military equipment

“Thus, we see that the more aggressive the rhetoric of the Western representatives, the greater the reluctance of the Ukrainian population to give up their territories for another NATO foothold”, – Pegov notes in the publication. The members of the group emphasized that they have no goal in any way to harm the local population, ordinary soldiers and mid-level commanders. According to him, more and more foreign military instructors are arriving in Odessa, and residents cannot but pay attention to their growing presence. Photo: Gennady Cherkasov Partisans burned military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Odessa. Read also: Turkey voiced its position on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine Истoчник Representatives of the movement emphasized that they oppose the seizure of the country by the NATO military and oligarchs. The military journalist Semyon Pegov announced this in his telegram channel with reference to the partisan group “Free City of Odessa.” on the territory of one of the military units of the city.