Party “Yabloko” lost hundreds of members: who and where “kicked out”

To this, the party's representative replied that Yabloko never set the task of “taking by numbers”, as for the search for new bright people at the same municipal level, such work is ongoing and will continue taking into account the political position of the alleged supporter or candidate. At the same time, it turned out about the majority of the demoted that they “did not take part in any activity – neither in actions, nor in meetings, nor in the election campaign, nor in financial support of the organization, and they consider signing open letters that discredit the party their activity.” Igor Yakovlev answered the clarifying question: “Yes, these are mainly people who supported“ smart voting ”and the activities of Maxim Katz, who showed that they do not share the party's program, and sometimes even contradict it.” p> However, the main question in this story is how such a “purge” will help Yabloko ensure success in the upcoming municipal elections. At the same time, for example, Aleksey Makarkin points out some paradoxicality of the actions of the party leadership. And will it not turn out that soon the party will again attract under its banners those with whom it will have to dissociate itself in a year. Think back to the parliamentary elections this year. In addition to the dissimilarity of the current agendas, many problems with internal party control and management were revealed, “therefore, it would be more convenient for the Yabloko leadership if there were fewer such deputies and they would be more manageable.” Истoчник That is, everything is correct, but only if the party would like to increase its representation in the government as a result of the elections. But, as it turned out, everything is not so dramatic. We got rid of the “dead” and those who disagree At a meeting of the bureau of the Moscow organization of the Yabloko party, the results of the party members' re-registration were announced. The experts we interviewed are skeptical about the effectiveness of the disposal of dead and discordant souls. But in what form, and with what result and representation, the question for its leadership is secondary. Photo: What happened is a consequence of the October decision of the Yabloko leadership to re-register, so that, given the results of this year's non-brilliant election campaign, not to step on the same rake next year, when elections of municipal deputies will be held. As it turned out, the ranks of the department have noticeably thinned: almost half a thousand people were removed from the register, and about two hundred more were removed from registration. This paradox is based on the party's interest in continuing to function. As the party’s press service clarified, everyone who dropped out of the list or was demoted in status (deregistered) can be reinstated. – They have completely different tasks. Well, at least, so that some Yabloko candidates do not kick out others, relying on the ideas of blogger Navalny and without. Those who dropped out are “dead souls” who did not respond to letters and calls with a request to confirm their connection with the party. As the press secretary of the party Igor Yakovlev clarified, interviews were conducted with everyone who passed the registration in order to find out the extent of their participation in the life of the department. Those who have not passed the registration are not sent to the Kolyma, but only lose their right of decisive vote at meetings (retaining advisory) and the right to be nominated for leadership positions. The latter were very indignant, they began to remember Stalin and his bloody party cleaners, to say that almost all party activists had become victims. This is something irrational, but, on the other hand, now the party, due to the fact that they have so distanced themselves from Navalny, will not have problems with registration, with the continuation of activities. But for Yabloko it turned out to be very uncomfortable. ” The 2017 elections saw a large number of people of a new generation – age or political, who have their own ambitions and interests. But, as he believes, this is not what the party wants. Yabloko conducted a unique campaign: not a single party in our country has yet called on a part of its potential electorate to vote against itself.