Political psychologist predicted the failure of the talks between Putin and Biden

Photo: AP The channel's interlocutor said that online communication, in his opinion, “kills emotions”, since each side will stand in its own positions. In turn, he said that the latest rumors about new sanctions indicate that that Biden is trying to raise the stakes with Putin. Истoчник www.mk.ru The heads of the two states will communicate via a secure video link. Note that on the eve of the talks, Western media reported that the US and the EU were allegedly preparing a new package of tough economic sanctions against Russia. In particular, the option of disconnecting Russia from the international payment system SWIFT and a ban on converting Russian rubles into US dollars, euros and British pounds is being considered. With such communication, one does not feel the vibes that a person emits: hatred, anger, wariness, anxiety, “he said. “When people communicate online, they do not feel emotions, mood, state person. Online communication “kills” emotions Talks between the presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, are to take place on Tuesday evening. The expert added that personal communication, in his opinion, allows not only to listen to the interlocutor, but also to understand how sincere, honest, friendly he is. “It will simply be some kind of exchange of views, which is unlikely to somehow change the point of view of the opponent, who will be on the other side of the screen,” Confisahor said. Alexander Konfisakhor, associate professor of the Department of Political Psychology, St. At the same time, the sanctions will be imposed due to the Kremlin's alleged plans to launch a military invasion of Ukraine, which the Kremlin has repeatedly denied.