Political scientist analyzed Putin’s theses on Ukraine

He listed the methods of the Kiev authorities in the fight against the opposition: closed TV channels, house arrests of opposition leaders, NSDC sanctions, the blocked Constitutional Court. According to him, all these negative processes “will inevitably push Zelensky's opponents to seek other, alternative forms and methods of political struggle.” “This is very dangerous, and the consequences can be catastrophic, Ukraine's margin of safety is not unlimited,” Kilinkarov summed up. Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova According to the expert, Putin's phrase that Zelensky fell under the influence of radical elements, the “Nazis”, instead of responding to people's requests for peace, testifies only to one thing: in Moscow, the Kiev authorities are assessed as “weak, unable to formulate their position on their own , and most importantly, to fulfill the society's demand for peace. Faces and gestures of Vladimir Putin's big press conference: footage from Manezh See the related photo gallery Истoчник www.mk.ru In his opinion, Zelensky missed the opportunities for implementing the peace initiatives that he had in 2019, when he had all the power. ” According to the expert, Putin’s words that “Russia is ready to build good-neighborly relations with Ukraine, but this is impossible with the current leadership in Kiev,” says only one thing: “this is a verdict that means that with this power (in Moscow – MK ) there will be no dialogue, with all the ensuing consequences. ” ready to build good-neighborly relations with Moscow, but they have no chance, they are being destroyed. ” “This, it seems to me, is the most dangerous thesis, meaning that conditions for competition have not been created in Ukraine, that people's opinion is not taken into account, that power has been usurped, and the opposition is deprived of any opportunity to conduct an open, public policy, working legally, in a legal field “, – said Kilinkarov. The key statements of the president regarding the neighboring country and the situation in it were analyzed by the well-known political scientist Spiridon Kilinkarov. “Thus, he nullified the value of his word, after that his word no longer meant anything, at least for Putin.” When you try to deceive someone, Kilinkarov noted, that you are neglecting trust, which … alas, it is already impossible to return. “There will be no dialogue with Zelensky” During a large press conference on December 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin had to return to the topic of Ukraine several times. ” Kilinkarov wrote about this in his Telegram channel. < p>“Well, and Zelensky’s main mistake was the meeting in the Normandy format, when at the last moment he abandoned the previously agreed positions on the disengagement of forces and equipment,” Kilinkarov wrote.