Popcaan Introduces Newest Unruly Artist Frahcess One In “Cream” Video

Cream video out now,” Popcaan wrote in a promotional post on Instagram. Meet one of the newest Unruly artists, Frahcess One. “Popcaan Never disappoint us. Things move from outside into a huge chill room until it all culminates into a raunchy bedroom scene. Another person decided to explain his understanding behind the word “Cream,” one we are sure he copied from the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan: “C-cash, R- rules, E- everything, A- around, M- me.”

Facebook The video is steadily climbing up the Youtube trending chart, sitting at number 20 on the local Youtube trending charts. Popcaan and Frahcess One recently dropped the music video for “Cream.” The YVP produced track gets hooked up with a Ruption directed music video, which showcases just how two bosses who have successfully secured their riches actually operate. It’s definitely a good start for Frahcess One, who’s being announced as the one to watch for 2021. He is always Great. A beautiful poolside villa overlooking the sea becomes the main scene of the shoot. “Introducing @frahcessmusicunruly to the world!!!! Keep the Good work,” wrote one person in the comment section. Their daytime activities include bike riding on a huge field overlooking the sea. The fun carries over into the night, and things turn into a full-blown house party. There is also a large amount of cash to go around and everybody on set, from Frahcess One to a few of the leading ladies, take their time to show off their stash. The entire poolside is littered with beautiful models showing off some of their best sides for the cameras.