Popcaan Responds To Queen Ladi Gangsta Calling Him Disrespectful

Thomas man” when she was “disrespected” by Popcaan. “Beenie Man big up yuhself…Popcaan f*** you, double tap for all the clean fat pussy gal dem…and none of your b******T friends can’t do me nothing because God nah mek you do me nothing, I was just being polite but through mi nuff,” she said. On the other hand, Queenie also responded to Popcaan’s subliminal messages as she warned that him to be careful as he stands to lose English fans as they are big on respect to women. Queen Ladi Gangsta says she didn't appreciate Popcaan reaction meeting him for the first time in the UK. According to Queenie, she was in VIP talking to Beenie Man, and she saw Popcaan and greeted him “St. He also posted a subliminal response Saturday morning that showed him sitting next to a big stack of UK pounds currency and others with him counting the money while singing. “f*** off Popcaan f*** you,” she said in Instagram Stories. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) On Saturday, Queen Ladi Gangsta, who also goes by Queenie, shared on Instagram that she was upset at being disrespected by Popcaan the night before. “Couple IG followers make dem swear dem a celebrity…so said,” Popcaan said with five laughing emojis. She detailed the events at the King of the Dancehall’s birthday party hosted by Wray and Nephew UK that led to her cursing Popcaan out. Popcaan has seemingly responded to claims by the “Double Tap” artist that he disrespected her during a meet and greeted for Beenie Man’s party in the United Kingdom. But a won’t stop now,” he captioned the trip of photos and videos. pic.twitter.com/79BUFoa73P
— Urban Islandz (@urbanislandz) August 28, 2021

She added that male Jamaican artists do not respect women, but she was not backing down from dealing with Popcaan and vent until she was “satisfied.”
Meanwhile, Popcaan responded with a post and deleted that insulted Queenie for thinking she is someone because she has a large following on Instagram. “You can hate me now!!!