Price Family

Lyrics to ‘Price Family’ by Sean Price:

–Intro: Sean Price–
I’m a rapper to everybody else but in here
I’m just dad
You know? –Verse 2: Bernadette Price–
Get off my man dick
Understand that man spit shit that you can’t bitch
Boot Camp champion don
Can’t get along
With every rapper that’s out, wack for shouting on song
Shut the fuck up
Big bars beloved
[?] all up in the cupboard
Rolling calamity, hard puncher
All In the Family, Arch Bunker
All the way that Sean Price played
Songs that made the hit parade
Guys like us we had it made
Those were the days Father, Husband, you know what I mean? I leave that rap shit outside
–Verse 1: Sean Price–
I be the barbarian, step to P
I will wet up blocks and shots of sket to squeeze
Punk bastard
Style is wild ’cause outclasses
Brownsville [?] busting off wild ratchets
Insane brain luminosity
Game change entertain slang atrocity
P, probably the best
Ungodly, the god will beat your body ’til it stretch
Foe or friend
Fo-fo fold fuckers, suckers go with him
P, big master slay heater
Big ratchets clap, inactive gang leader
P step to a lady
Slap earnings off off, Decept in the ’80s
Not concerned a bit
Not conserved, a vet
You had your chance to move
Do the Bernadette