Productive regions. The results of the waste paper collection competition have been summed up

& nbsp; Top-3 technical schools include: Amur Pedagogical College, which collected almost 8 tons of waste paper. The first place in this category was taken by the Amur Pedagogical College. The most productive in terms of the amount of waste paper handed over were & nbsp; Bryansk region & nbsp; & ndash; there they sent for processing 117 tons of paper raw materials. Under the terms of the & nbsp; action, users had to post creative posts with hashtags of the action on social networks and mark their favorite stars. Plot National projects In Russia, the # BoomBatl campaign was held to collect waste paper. They collected such an amount of paper in two weeks of the competition. 2500 tons of paper will not end up in landfills, but will be recycled products for new goods. The effectiveness of organizations was assessed in proportion to the number of employees or pupils. Its initiator is ANO National Priorities. Corporate participants were & nbsp; Russian Post & nbsp; & ndash; collective applications were received from 9 regions, in total, more than 17 & nbsp; 000 employees took part; Promsvyazbank, representatives of heavy industry from Chelyabinsk, an electronics plant from Novosibirsk, Monchegorsk boarding school for children with intellectual disabilities, the avangard hockey club of fans, the Togliatti Philharmonic Society, the Reflection Museum and Educational Center from the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and the Smolensk Zoo. After all, & nbsp; the main prize # BoomBattle & ndash; communication with the star ambassadors of the action. Winning university students – & nbsp; backpacks from special & nbsp; craft material. and the project “ Sorting ''. 42 from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. & Nbsp; Winning companies & nbsp; will be awarded a special statuette & ndash; The symbol of the action in 2021 is the mini “ Boomboy ''. '', Which held campaigns to collect waste paper, environmental lessons and lectures at schools and universities & nbsp; in 42 regions of the country. The remaining 400 applications & ndash; from kindergartens, cultural centers and other organizations. In total, almost & nbsp; 4 & nbsp; 300 applications for participation in the Promo were submitted. In second place is gymnasium No. The winners of the creative competition, & nbsp; in addition to communicating with the stars, will also receive a special prize & ndash; portable batteries for charging gadgets. Novgorod Trade and Technological College with 7.1 tons of recyclable materials. & Nbsp; This year, not only schoolchildren, but also students of universities and technical schools, as well as company employees took part in the action. This competition was held for the second time. 5 of the city of Bryansk, in third place is secondary school No. Derzhavin, Tambov Region sent 4.6 tons of recyclable materials for processing. This year, the Paper Battle was supported by Nikita Nagorny, Evgenia Medvedeva, Misha Marvin, Yulia Kovalchuk, Stas Yarushin, Sati Kazanova, Dmitry Guberniev, Sergei Ryazansky, popular cartoon heroes The Fixies. Organizations took part in the paper battle for the first time this year. Истoчник & Nbsp; Photo: organizing committee of the # BoomBattle campaign Although the technical schools were not announced in the competition of the campaign, their merits are no less impressive. The competition captured the entire country & ndash; as a result, almost all regions took part in #Bumbatle. We are very happy to see how the younger generation is getting involved in environmental initiatives, the main goal of which is & ndash; education and fostering of respect for nature, including through the rational consumption and recycling of waste, which can become a valuable recyclable material, '' noted General Director of ANO “ National Priorities '' & nbsp; Sofia Malyavina. & nbsp; Kemerovo State University collected 2.8 tons of paper. & Nbsp; Traditionally, schoolchildren remain active participants in #BumBatl: & nbsp; out of 2,338 applications that were received by the organizers, & nbsp; 1700 & nbsp; came from schools, & nbsp; 100 from universities & nbsp; and technical schools and & nbsp; 127 from companies. All winners of the creative competition will be marked on the official website & nbsp; boombatl.rf. Based on the results of the calculation of competitive applications, the following top-3 Russian universities were identified: Belgorod State Technological University named after Shukhov, who collected 5.8 tons of waste paper. Photo: # BoomBattle organizing committee Participants of the creative competition were no less active. Reusable notebooks are provided for the students of the winning schools, and the schools themselves will receive sets of wireless mice and keyboards. Closes the top three leaders & nbsp; Khanty-Mansiysk & nbsp; JSC with 88 tons & raquo;, & nbsp; – said Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation & nbsp; Alexander Kozlov. Novgorod Chemical-Industrial College, whose students sent 3.5 tons of paper for processing. If we translate this parameter into alternative values, then the participants of the action managed to save 50 million liters of water, or 2.5 million kW of electricity, or reduced emissions in the atmosphere is more than 4 thousand tons of carbon dioxide, or About 50 thousand trees or 500 hectares of forest were saved from cutting down. “ This year's results are truly impressive. & nbsp; Photo: organizing committee of the # BoomBattle action “This year & nbsp; the first place & nbsp; among schools for the second time in a row was taken by & nbsp; Lipetsk ecological lyceum No. 66, & nbsp; children handed over 14 tons of waste paper. & Nbsp; Belgorod State Technological University named after V.I. The event was organized with the assistance of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia in support of the national project Ecology. In second place is the Moscow region, 99.5 tons of waste paper. And also representatives of the regional branches of the All-Russian public organization of volunteer environmentalists & nbsp; “ Do it! Tambov State University named after G.R. This figure turned out to be 4 times more than last year. In addition to the participants of the action, the best volunteers of the ONF Youth, who helped to organize additional waste paper collection points in 50 regions of Russia, will also receive prizes. In addition, this year there have been many applications from technical schools and colleges, and we would also like to note their results. & Nbsp; This year, the participants of the event collected and sent for processing more than 2.5 thousand tons of waste paper. Shukhov, who collected 5.8 tons. & Nbsp; Three leaders & nbsp; by the amount of waste paper handed over & nbsp; among organizations: Russian Post & nbsp; & ndash; in total, the company handed over 46 tons of waste paper Machine-building plant ZiO-Podolsk & nbsp; (part of the machine-building division of the State Corporation Rosatom & ndash; JSC Atomenergomash – 40 tons West Siberian railway OJSC nbsp; Novosibirsk) & ndash; 5 tons.