Pushkov explained to Gordon who cheated whom in Ukraine

Europe cheated? We can agree with this, ”concluded Alexey Pushkov. Or maybe Honduras, the uneven hour, cheated? “Ukrainians have the president they deserve” Photo: Evgeny Semenov The piquancy of the situation is that until now Gordon has not shown any opposition to the authorities. ” And why? The journalist's “Revelation” commented on his Telegram channel Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov: “The observer does not even ask the question: who cheated? Истoчник www.mk.ru Because there is no mature elite in Ukraine. According to him,” The Ukrainians have deceived THEMSELVES! On the contrary, he defended her. Or China? Russia? There are no responsible politicians who are able to move the country forward in an atmosphere of nationalist frenzy and singing the song “Our Old Man Bandera!” Ukraine has the president it deserves. No, all of them have nothing to do with it, “Pushkov wrote. Once again.