Putin allowed police to open cars

'' In the new version, the wording was changed to “ suppresses. Subscribe to RBC's Telegram Receive news faster than anyone Истoчник rbc.ru Before opening the car, a police officer introduces himself, presents documents, explains the reasons and grounds their actions, as well as the rights and obligations of citizens (the exception is & mdash; when “ delay poses a threat to life and health ''). Another condition & mdash; if there are “ reasons to believe '' that there is a drunk person in the car who has committed an administrative offense. In addition, police officers will be allowed to open cars in order to detain suspects or accused of crimes, those who are caught at the scene of the crime, as well as those who are identified by victims or eyewitnesses as having committed the crime. The law also expands the powers of police officers when entering residential and other premises, land and territories for detention. In the new edition, the police will be able to detain those who were suspected of a crime only from the words of the victims and eyewitnesses. Employees will be able to open cars to save lives of citizens or ensure their safety during riots and emergencies; to suppress a crime or check a message about the threat of a terrorist act; to establish the circumstances of the accident. For example, clause 3 in the previous version sounded like this: “ A police officer is obliged to suppress actions that intentionally inflict pain, physical or mental suffering on a citizen. The new document also changed the wording in Art. In the previous version of the document, the police could enter houses to detain suspects in a crime. 5 on the observance and respect of human and civil rights and freedoms: in some paragraphs the word “ must '' was removed from it. '' The government submitted to the State Duma a bill on expanding the powers of the police in May 2020; on December 8 this year, the lower house adopted it in the third, final reading. If at this moment the owner is not around, the police will need to notify him of the incident within 24 hours. One of the key innovations & mdash; empowering police officers to open and enter a vehicle. Putin has expanded police powers to open cars and enter homes Putin has signed a law that allows police to open cars and expands the grounds for entering homes and apartments President Vladimir Putin signed a law on expanding the powers of police officers, the document was published on the portal information.