Putin and South African President discussed the fight against the omicron strain of coronavirus

The discovery of a new strain of coronavirus in South Africa and Botswana was reported by British scientists at the end of November. It is not specified what strain the passengers were infected with, which airport they flew to and how many people were on board with them. Putin instructed the government to develop an action plan to combat the omicron strain by December 7. The restrictions also apply to foreigners who have visited these places over the past ten days. WHO warned of the danger of a new variant of the virus, dubbed the omicron: due to mutations in the spike protein, it can be more infectious than others. In Russia, no cases of infection with the omicron strain have yet been identified. On December 3, two arrivals from South Africa were diagnosed with coronavirus infection. Истoчник rbc.ru He called for special attention to be paid to improving the effectiveness of vaccines. The country has introduced a 14-day quarantine for arrivals from South Africa and neighboring countries. Putin and Ramaphosa also discussed preparations for the Russia summit & mdash; Africa, interaction within the BRICS and trade and economic cooperation. The heads of state also talked about the Russia-Africa summit, BRICS and trade and economic cooperation Cyril Ramaphosa and Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone with his South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa, the press service reported Kremlin. The heads of the two countries agreed to “ join forces in the fight against the pandemic '' coronavirus, “ especially in light of the identification of a new omicron strain. Since November 28, Russia has restricted entry from South Africa, several other African countries and Hong Kong.